“naoseiquemeusou” Races Off With McLaren Turbo Series Main Event Title

The McLaren Turbo Series has screeched to a halt after two week’s of high-octane, action-packed tournament at PartyPoker. The final act was to crown the $100,000 guaranteed Main Event and the $20,000 guaranteed Mini Main Event champions, and it is “naoseiquemeusou” and “SoyTuSicaria” who were first over the line when the final chequered flag waved.

The $33 buy-in $100,000 guaranteed McLaren Turbo Series Main Event saw 4,343 player start the tournament with high hopes, but only 626 of those starters qualified for Day 2, each doing so with at least a min-cash in tow.

Team PartyPoker’s Matt “MatthewStaples” Staples looked set for yet another final table appearances in a major online poker tournament, but he span out in 11th place having turned his $33 investment into a more useful $657.

Only “Howzithowzit,” the ninth place finisher, failed to walk away with at least a four-figure score for their efforts; they banked $836 with progressive bounties included.

“P4G4 0 B1G0D3” was the next to enter the pits but not before collecting $1,261.

The tournaments of “EMERSONRN16” and “DaDBM” came to a halt, both running out of fuel before the biggest prizes were awarded. The former collected $1,848 while the latter saw their PartyPoker account balance swell by $2,095.

Fifth place and $2,732 went to “DominikChmiel16.” There was a sizable jump in the payouts as “CarlosRocha1” hauled in $4,358 in the aftermath of their fourth-place finish.

The Main Event headed down the final stretch once “Betzaiten” could not continue, with third place weighing in at $5,643.

The heads-up duo were guaranteed more than $7,400 from the main prize pool and another four figures from the bounty prize pool. “naoseiquemeusou” overcame “Merci_bcp” in the one-on-one battle, adding $4,542 worth of scalps to their prize, for a total payday worth $11,997. The runner-up narrowly missed out on a victory lap, but they cannot be too displeased with the $9,011 they helped themselves to.

$100,000 Gtd McLaren Turbo Series Main Event Final Table Results

Place Player Bounties Prize Total Prize
1 naoseiquemeusou $4,542 $7,455 $11,997
2 Merci_bcp $1,579 $7,432 $9,011
3 Betzaiten $960 $4,683 $5,643
4 CarlosRocha1 $1,245 $3,113 $4,358
5 DominikChmiel16 $634 $2,098 $2,732
6 DaDBM $542 $1,553 $2,095
7 EMERSONRN16 $731 $1,117 $1,848
8 P4G4 0 B1G0D3 $406 $855 $1,261
9 Howzithowzit $159 $677 $836

“SoyTuSicaria” Becomes the McLaren Turbo Series Mini Main Event Champion

“SoyTuSicaria” followed in the footsteps of “naoseiquemeusou” by triumphing in a McLaren Turbo Series tournament, namely the $5.50 buy-in $20,000 guaranteed Mini Main Event. A bumper crowd of 4,687 entrants resulted in a guarantee-busting $23,435 prize pool, of which the champion took home an impressive $2,310.

Indeed, the prize pool was so vast that even the runner-up, “champenjytte” took home $1,599, with bounties included.

Each of the nine superstars that raced their way to the final table left with a healthy return on their $5.50 investment, and any of them would have made a worthy champion. However, that honour belongs to “SoyTuSicaria,” who will no doubt find themselves on the podium and in the winner’s circle many more times at PartyPoker.

$20,000 Gtd McLaren Turbo Series Mini Main Event Final Table Results

Place Player Bounties Prize Total Prize
1 SoyTuSicaria $969 $1,341 $2,310
2 champenjytte $264 $1,335 $1,599
3 PerdiFazendaTio $137 $839 $976
4 tweetie46 $117 $558 $675
5 Usherpeter76 $154 $376 $530
6 Aleksey4h $64 $276 $340
7 Nico Jardim $135 $198 $333
8 Kingpin2324 $22 $152 $174
9 Hammerdust $90 $120 $210

PartyPoker LIVE MILLIONS Malta is Right Around the Corner

The McLaren Turbo Series may be done and dusted, but the poker action does not stop there. From September 23 through October 3, the PartyPoker LIVE tour lands in sunny Malta for the MILLIONS Malta festival.

You can get involved in a €550 buy-in Grand Prix Malta that has a €1 million guaranteed prize pool, a €3,000 MILLIONS Main Event, and a star-studded €5,300 High Roller event! Here’s to seeing you in the Mediterranean this September.

Top 10 Companies in the Capital Goods Field

Most companies offering goods and services rely on raw materials and capital goods obtained elsewhere. Multiple major conglomerates are creating these capital goods that facilitate manufacturing businesses that cannot develop them themselves.

Here, we take a peek at these wizards behind the curtain who help all kinds of companies produce anything from medical devices and medicine to cars and planes.

So read on to learn how the modern industry sector works.

What Are Capital Goods?

Put simply, capital goods are physical products used to create other goods—for example, tools, vehicles, machinery, chemicals, and even various spaces and buildings.

The capital goods industry plays a crucial role in driving economic growth and product innovation and development. After all, without them, we wouldn’t have the variety of consumer goods available today to make our lives better and easier.

The 10 Best Capital Goods Companies

So let’s delve into the top 10 companies in the capital goods field, exploring their market value, growth trajectory, and key details about their operations.

1. General Electric (GE)

  • Market Value: $121 billion 
  • Employees: Over 172,000

General Electric, commonly known as GE, is a multinational conglomerate based in Boston and New York. With a rich history spanning more than a century, GE has established itself as a leader in various industries, including aviation, healthcare, and power.

Businesses of all sorts use GE’s engines, software solutions, wind turbines, and even weapons on a steady basis. To stay on top of the game, GE invests a huge chunk of its yearly revenue into R&D of new competitive technologies to stay ahead of its rivals.

2. Siemens AG

  • Market Value: $134 billion 
  • Employees: Approximately 311,000

Headquartered in Germany, Siemens AG is a global powerhouse in the capital goods sector, as it successfully provides automation and digitalization products and services for several sectors, including construction, energy, healthcare, and transportation.

Specifically, the company is a well-known pioneer of several innovative technologies, such as medical imaging equipment and various industrial automation solutions. Lately, they’ve also been making significant progress in AI and machine learning.

3. Honeywell

  • Market Value: $138 billion 
  • Employees: Over 103,000

With experience dating back to the early 1900s, Honeywell was built into a technology and manufacturing giant producing cutting-edge capital goods for a while now.

While operating in the aerospace, building, and safety sectors, Honeywell offers a rich portfolio of everything from avionics systems and navigation technology to heating & ventilation products, various performance chemicals and materials, and protective gear.

4. Caterpillar Inc.

  • Market Value: $134 billion
  • Employees: Over 109,000

Also known as CAT, this construction equipment manufacturer became a global behemoth over the last decades and is now offering all sorts of mining and construction equipment, vehicles, and materials, as well as engines, power systems, and financial services.

A slew of industries across the globe are relying on Caterpillar’s premium products, including the mining and construction sector, agriculture, transportation, forestry, energy production, and many more. Without infrastructure, there’s no development, and without Caterpillar, building a country’s industrial infrastructure is rather difficult.

5. 3M

  • Market Value: $58 billion
  • Employees: Over 92,000

Originally known as Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing, 3M has evolved into one of the world’s leading capital goods manufacturers, producing everything from adhesives and laminates to medical and car products and software solutions.

Nowadays, 3M is focused on expanding its global presence across several industries (healthcare, electronics, construction, and automotive) and investing heavily in its R&D department to create breakthrough technologies.

6. Raytheon Technologies (RTX)

  • Market Value: $142 billion 
  • Employees: Over 190,000

Formed after the merger of Raytheon and United Technologies, Raytheon Technologies (RTX) has an expansive area of influence in the aerospace and defense sectors. On top of that, the company is operating in the space exploration and cybersecurity spheres.

So can encounter the brand’s stamp on anything from military equipment (missiles, radars, weapons, etc.) to cutting-edge cybersecurity software, aircraft, and aerospace products, such as avionics systems, flight control systems, landing gear, and more.

7. ABB Group

  • Market Value: $75 billion
  • Employees: Over 105,000

This Swedish-Swiss conglomerate has been one of the leaders in the capital goods sector for decades, thanks to its state-of-the-art robotics, automation, and electrical equipment.

You’ll find it offers anything from various robotic assistants to power generators, electrical components, and software platforms for automation purposes. For that reason, you’ll find its products in industries such as transportation, manufacturing, and utilities.

8. John Deere

  • Market Value: $132 billion 
  • Employees: Around 70,000

Deere & Company, commonly known as John Deere, is a renowned American manufacturer of construction, agricultural, and forestry machinery. Its commitment to quality, durability, and innovative solutions has contributed to its excellent growth and market value. 

With a strong customer base and a global presence, Deere & Company continues to expand its product portfolio to cater to the evolving needs of the agriculture and construction sectors, which products like top-notch tractors, harvesters, excavators, and more.

9. Hitachi

  • Market Value: $59 billion 
  • Employees: Approximately 300,000

This diversified Japanese conglomerate has operations in various sectors, including construction machinery, power systems, and information technology. Regardless of the sector in which it operates, Hitachi delivers innovative and unique products.

Thus, its portfolio includes all sorts of products, ranging from data storage and server solutions to power generators, industrial pumps, railway systems, medical imaging technology, mining equipment, and engine electronics for motor vehicles.

10. Emerson Electric

  • Market Value: $53 billion 
  • Employees: Over 85,000

Based in the United States, Emerson Electric is another company older than a century that has grown into a key player in the capital goods industry with a portfolio covering the manufacturing, energy, healthcare, electronics, and telecommunications sectors.

The company’s product line includes everything from automation solutions and commercial and residential systems to climate technologies, home tools and products, and networking solutions. On top of that, this giant is shaping technological advancements daily.


All of the companies listed above are powerhouses that drive innovation, growth, and technological advancements. After all, they supply essential machinery, equipment, and services to various other manufacturers. On top of that, they are also major employers with vast workforces and employment opportunities. 

Furthermore, sustainability is a key focus for these companies, as they keep on implementing environmentally friendly practices, investing in clean technologies, and promoting energy-efficient solutions. So as we move forward, these behemoths will keep on shaping the industrial landscape, the global economy, and our lives at large.

Persyaratan Situs RTP Live Slot Gacor 2023 Terbaru Dan Paling Terakurat

Persyaratan Situs RTP Live Slot Gacor 2023 Terbaru Dan Paling Terakurat

Memakai Situs RTP Live saat bermain saat ini telah jadi hal yang terlampau wajar untuk digunakan pada slot pragmatic. Karena di dalam capai keuntungan disaat bermain slot mempunyai kesulitan tertentu. Hingga pemain cenderung lebih memilih untuk manfaatkan Live rtp slot gacor untuk bermain yang mempermudah setiap slot yang akan kamu permainkan sampai mampu capai keuntungan tinggi. Bocoran RTP pada internet termasuk ikut tumbuh subur tapi hal seterusnya termasuk tidak tutup kemungkinan jika munculnya bocoran palsu. Oleh karena itu untuk menjauhi dari hal seterusnya kamu mampu manfaatkan langkah sebagai seterusnya :

Keuntungan Memperoleh Dan Memakai Bocoran RTP Slot Gacor

Jika kamu tetap bertanya mengapa sich perlu gunakan bocoran RTP live slot gacor. Karena itu itu kami akan berikan tambahan keterangan mengapa perlu gunakan RTP slot hari ini tertinggi yang telah kami siapkan. Kami akan bersama dengan berbahagia hati berikan tambahan info lengkap berkenaan RTP live, seperti berikut:

1. Meningkatkan Prosentase Kemenangan Secara Mutlak

Peranan RTP seperti yang diterangkan ialah pengembalian modal, menjadi peranan RTP sangat perlu untuk mendukung kamu meraih kemenangan bersama dengan nilai prosentase yang lebih tinggi. Dan seperti yang kami kenali semua bettor tentunya cari kemenangan saat bermain slot online kan?

2. Banyak Game Yang Mewajibkan Untuk Memperoleh Bocoran RTP Slot Gacor

Game slot online terlalu banyak macam dan telah lebih dari beberapa ribu game terdapat didalamnya. Dan yang kami survei kebanyak bettor hanya mainkan tidak lebih dari 5-7 game saja bersama dengan argumen kebingungan karena telah terlalu banyak. Walau sebenarnya bila kamu lebih detil banyak game bersama dengan RTP live slot presentasi yang cukup tinggi. Karena itu itu terlalu efektif sekali bila kamu gunakan bocoran RTP slot hari ini untuk mendapat game baru yang mampu berikan tambahan kemenangan.

3. Memberi Pengalaman Lebih Dalam Bermain Game Slot

Makin banyak game yang kamu permainkan bersama dengan bocoran RTP live, karena itu lama-lama luas pengetahuan kamu dalam tiap game yang ada di provider yang berbeda. Walaupun game slot gacor terlalu sangat mudah dimainkan tetapi lebih menyenangkan andaikan kamu memahami mekanisme dan cara bermain gamenya.

Poker Pro’s Luxury Yacht Engulfed in Flames in Mediterranean

An 88-foot luxury yacht, purportedly belonging to Spanish poker pro Diego Gomez Gonzalez, turned into a blazing inferno amidst the tranquil waters of the Mediterranean.


A distressing incident unfolded as an 88-foot luxury yacht, allegedly owned by Spanish poker professional Diego Gomez Gonzalez, caught fire in the Mediterranean waters. The dramatic scene was captured on video by The Daily Mail.

The yacht, reportedly belonging to Gonzalez, who boasts an impressive $500,000 in live tournament earnings according to The Hendon Mob database, was the center of a harrowing event. While it remains uncertain whether Gonzalez was present on the yacht during the incident, reports confirm that all 17 individuals on board at the time managed to escape the flames. The group consisted of five crew members and twelve passengers, with only one crew member sustaining minor burns and requiring medical attention.

The video footage obtained by MailOnline depicts the luxury yacht engulfed in a massive blaze. However, the exact cause of the fire is yet to be determined and has not been publicly disclosed. The alarming occurrence unfolded around 6 p.m. on a Saturday near the island of Formentera in the Mediterranean. Prompt action from nearby boaters played a pivotal role in assisting the passengers.

The footage also shows onlookers at a seaside restaurant observing the inferno from a distance of around a couple of hundred feet, capturing the fiery spectacle in photographs.

Gonzalez’s yacht, constructed in 1995, is designed to accommodate up to 20 people comfortably. It boasts luxurious amenities such as a deck jacuzzi, well-appointed cabins, and easy access for various water-based activities. The yacht is anchored in Ibiza, an island located off the southeastern coast of Spain. While Gonzalez frequently charters the vessel, it’s likely that he wasn’t on board during the fire incident. Chartering the yacht during the peak summer season costs upwards of £45,000.

A seasoned poker pro hailing from Madrid, Gonzalez achieved his highest live tournament earnings of $256,000 with a fifth-place finish at the 2012 European Poker Tour (EPT) Prague Main Event. Additionally, he’s secured five cashes in World Series of Poker (WSOP) online bracelet events on GGPoker in 2020 and 2021.

Gonzalez’s colorful personality earned him the nickname “The Lion” after he sported a lion costume during the aforementioned EPT Main Event in Prague.

Everything you need to know to get a UK gambling license.

Interested in entering one of the largest and most lucrative gambling markets in the world? You’ll first need a UK gambling license. Here’s everything you need to know about the application process, compliance requirements, UK gambling regulations, and much more.

The UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) operates as the UK’s gambling regulator, and is an independent regulatory body established under the UK Gambling Act of 2005. To operate legally in the UK, all gambling platforms are required to hold a license issued by the UKGC. 

The UKGC is also responsible for implementing changes to national gambling regulations, such as the recent proposals contained in the UK’s gambling white paper. Proposals target various aspects of the gambling industry, such as VIP customers, slot limits, and financial risk checks (formerly known as affordability checks).

Understanding UK gambling regulations.

The UKGC takes failure to comply with licensing requirements and social responsibility codes very seriously. Operators, therefore, must have robust systems and controls in place to prevent money laundering as well as a whole host of other nefarious crimes. They must also safeguard customers, take measures to prevent underage gambling, ensure fair play, and encourage responsible gambling to guarantee gambling compliance.

There are essentially three main types of operating licenses: 

  • Remote: This license allows licensees to provide casino games and gambling products to customers through an online site, TV, mobile phone, or any other type of online service.
  • Non-remote: A non-remote gambling license allows the licensee to facilitate betting activities at betting shops, tracks, and/or courses.
  • Ancillary: Ancillary licenses are for operators offering email and telephone betting. 

Operators may need one or a combination of these licenses.

Licensing is mandatory, even if an operator’s online gambling platform is located in another region of the world. Essentially, if the services are being offered in the UK, operators must hold a license. (If you are interested in learning about the need for an online gaming license in general, click on the underlined copy).

Eligibility criteria for a UK gambling license.

The Commission evaluates applicants based on the following criteria: 

  • The identity of the applicant and people associated with them. For example, if the applicant’s gambling platform is part of a bigger corporation, then the owner of that corporation also needs to be evaluated.
  • The applicant’s honesty, integrity, and trustworthiness
  • Financial statements that display the business is financially capable of operating successfully after obtaining a license
  • The applicant’s expertise, experience, qualifications, history, and those of the people relevant to the application
  • The applicant’s criminal record and those relevant to the application. 

The Commission also looks at the applicants’ policies to ensure that: 

  • They incorporate and understand the legislation
  • They follow the established licensing objectives
  • They hold evidence that their arrangements will adhere to social responsibility requirements

Application process for a UK gambling license.

Applicants apply for an operating license from the UKGC via the “Apply for an operating license” service. It takes around 16 weeks for the Commission to process a license application, considering all the required information is submitted at the point of application. Applying for a UKGC license costs £370, which must be paid via credit or debit card.  

Operators are required to provide an extensive array of documents, some of which depend on the type of business applying for the license. For instance, a sole trader may only be required to submit identity documents, whereas a limited company would be required to submit the following:

  • Ownership structure diagram
  • Articles of association
  • Management structures
  • Certificate of incorporation
  • Memorandum of association 

Overseas entities must submit a credit report and, if they have licenses elsewhere, copies of licenses issued by the other jurisdictions. 

For a remote license, an operator must provide the following: 

  • Documents regarding remote policies and procedures
  • Operational model map
  • Gambling software supply method and details
  • System diagram displaying the end-to-end process 

Some requirements are considered core documentation and are mandatory in all cases. Such requirements include the following: 

  • General policies and procedures–these must adhere to the standards outlined in the LCCP (Licence Conditions and Codes of Practice)
  • Rules of play
  • Customer terms and conditions
  • Bank statements for the past six months for all accounts
  • Business plan
  • Proof of funding
  • Profit and loss projections for the next three years 

Those responsible for managing the business must also submit a PML (Personal Management Licence) or an Annex A personal declaration form based on the circumstances.

Key considerations for license applicants.

Those applying for a license from the UKGC must have a comprehensive business plan for their application to be approved. A sound business plan shows that the operator understands their objectives and the steps required to achieve them.  

Operators must also focus on responsible gambling and protection practices. This includes offering tools like deposit limits, self-exclusion, and helpful resources for customers who may struggle with or be on the verge of developing a gambling addiction. Moreover, the operator’s platform must also be secure, employing technologies such as SSL encryption to secure their customers’ personal and financial information. 

Implementing robust anti-money laundering and fraud protection strategies, such as KYC and AML solutions, is also essential. Operators can help identify and mitigate gambling fraud and crime by conducting due diligence and transaction monitoring. Keeping updated with industry regulations and best practices is also among the key considerations for license applicants.

Gambling regulations 101: EU and the UK.

Learn how gaming operators can keep pace with the ever-growing multi-jurisdictional landscape in Europe and beyond.

Get your free copy

Gambling regulations 101: Europe and the UK.

Compliance and reporting obligations.

All UKGC license holders must adhere to regulatory obligations that must be observed at all times. Such obligations include upholding integrity in all aspects of their operations, maintaining accurate records, reporting crucial information promptly, and ensuring they offer fair, safe, and transparent services to customers while taking active measures to prevent problem gambling.  

Failure to comply with such obligations can lead to dire consequences, including heavy fines, license revocation, and strict legal action.

Licensing fees and taxation.

For licensing purposes, operators are divided into a total of nine categories according to their GGY (Gross Gambling Yield). For example, a gambling operator with a GGY under £550k will be required to pay an application fee of £4,224 and an annual fee of £4,199. On the other hand, operators with a GGY worth £1 billion must pay an application fee of £91,686 and a yearly fee worth £793,729.  

As per the Point of Consumption Tax (POCT) introduced in 2014, the Commission requires all licensees to adhere to tax requirements to operate legally. This includes taxes on all profits from gambling activities, regardless of where the operator is based, and abiding by regulations regarding the collection and reporting of taxes. The POCT has profoundly impacted the UK’s gambling industry, urging operators to adapt and comply with the evolving tax requirements to remain compliant.

License renewal and revocation.

The procedure for license renewal is like applying for an initial application. You need to submit a renewal application within six months before the license expires but no later than two months prior to its expiration. The Commission may refuse to renew a permit on the following grounds:

  • If the renewal is inconsistent with the licensing requirements. In this instance, the authority may consult the chief officer of the police. The authority will, therefore, be wary of any concerns regarding the use of the premises during the life of the license.
  • If an authorized local government officer has been denied access to the premises without a reasonable excuse. 

The Commission may also revoke a license holder’s permit under the following circumstances: 

  • The license holder is unable to carry out licensed activities consistent with the licensing requirements.
  • The Commission is dissatisfied with the licensee’s financial standing.
  • The Commission is dissatisfied with the licensee’s competence.
  • The Commission believes that one or more license terms have been breached 

The Commission usually informs the license holder if it reaches a decision about their permit. The licensee is allowed to appeal against a decision if: 

  • They receive a fine or warning.
  • Their license application has been turned down.
  • Their license has been revoked or suspended.
  • There are changes in their license terms

Marketing and advertising guidelines.

Licensed operators must be wary of the advertising standards and restrictions established by the Commission. Such standards exist to protect minors and the vulnerable from being unfairly targeted by gambling ads and ensure that all advertising is fair and transparent.  

Regarding responsible marketing practices, operators must be mindful of the guidelines and undertake advertising in a socially responsible manner, including the stipulations on the use of certain messaging and imagery. This is to say that all licensees’ marketing communications must not mislead customers. Operators must adhere to the UK Advertising codes published by CAP (the Committees of Advertising Practice) and governed by the ASA (Advertising Standards Authority). 

International expansion and cross-border licensing.

Many operators explore other markets to increase their customer base and diversify their revenue streams. However, various legal stipulations are linked with cross-border licensing, including ones based on licensing, taxation, and regulation.   

As previously noted, operators based abroad must provide a credit report. If they carry a license from other jurisdictions, they must provide a copy of the licenses issued by other jurisdictions.

UK gambling license FAQs.

What is a UK gambling license?

Operators must acquire a UK gambling license to provide gambling services in the UK. The license includes facilitating remote gambling, online or through different means, and advertising (responsible) gambling to UK-based consumers.  

Who needs a UK gambling license?

Operators looking to offer gambling services and advertise gambling to consumers in the UK are required to hold a UK gambling license. 

How long does it take to obtain a license?

It can take up to 16 weeks to obtain a UK gambling license. The timescale can depend on several factors, with the most important being the strength of the application.

What are the costs involved in obtaining a license?

The costs for obtaining a license depend on the operator’s GGY. For instance, an operator with a GGY below £550k must pay an application fee of £4,224. This increases significantly for the highest earners in the industry. 

How can I ensure compliance with UK gambling regulations? 

To ensure compliance with UK gambling regulations, the operator must ensure that their business is fully licensed by the UKGC. They must also have robust policies and procedures in place to address problem gambling and crime. It is also crucial to stay updated with any UK gambling laws and regulations changes. 

Can a license be transferred to another operator?

No, operating licenses are essentially non-transferable. Meaning that every gambling platform is required to go through the same process in the UK. 

Game on.

Like other industries, gambling has seen significant digital transformation in recent years. Adhering to recently updated and upcoming gambling laws and regulations is essential to launching a gambling platform in the UK.  

Effective procedures such as KYC and AML solutions can also help operators guarantee compliance with international regulatory requirements.  

Our highly configurable platform for identity proofing in the gaming market allows operators to keep abreast of constantly changing regulations, and new fraud schemes and scams, while ensuring a safe, secure and seamless gaming experience. With our latest round of platform enhancements, we now offer UK-specific data checks, and financial risk checks, which provide operators with insights into a player’s affordability indicators to comply with the latest updates to the UK Gambling Act.


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Buat Akun: Datangi website sah website daftar judi online poker terbaik dan mencari knop “Daftar”. Click knop itu untuk mengawali proses registrasi.
Isi Formulir Registrasi: Anda akan disuruh untuk isi formulir registrasi dengan info individu seperti nama, alamat e-mail, nama bank, rekening bank dan info yang lain. Pastikan info Anda beri tepat.
Buat Kata Kode: Tentukan password yang kuat dan aman untuk akun Anda. Gabungkan angka, huruf besar dan kecil, dan lambang untuk tingkatkan keamanan.
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Mulai Bermain: Tentukan meja sesuai tingkat taruhan dan kekuatan Anda.
Start Games Dan Menangi: Mulai bermain poker online sesuai ketentuan berlaku. Pertanggungkan, lipat, atau naikkan taruhan sesuai keputusan Diambil. Pasti buat kamu masih pemula harus di wajibkan untuk pahami bagaimanakah cara membaca posisi kartu di website judi online. Supaya tidak ada salah betting atau taruhan bikin rugi anda nantinya.
Langkah Bermain Membaca Posisi Kartu Poker Dengan Mudah
Langkah membaca kartu poker judi online sah mencakup banyak hal seperti mengenal formasi kartu-kartu paling kuat, pertimbangkan jumlah kartu dalam deck bisa menolong membuat tangan Anda, menyaksikan cara apa bisa diambil musuh sesudah Card taruhan dibuka. Disamping itu, tehnik penggabungan kartu-kartu Situs Poker dipadukan card jekpot POKER IDN bisa menolong membaca kartu dipunyai oleh musuh. Penting pahami ketentuan mekanisme taruhan saat bermain idn poker online. Posisi Kartu poker dari paling tinggi sampai paling rendah misalnya ialah seperti berikut:

Situs Sbobet Terlengkap dan Terbesar di Indonesia Gampang Menang 2023

Untuk link Alternative sbobet wap sendiri ialah judi bola online versus handphone yang memiliki jaringan lebih lamban saat menolong pemain saat memasangkan dan menyaksikan sebuah laporan taruhan bola di akun kalian. Sbobet wap yang terdapat di website judi bola online sbobet terpercaya kalian dapat memeriksa saldo credit dimanapun serta kapan pun cuma dengan lewat pegangan handphone dan pemakaian akses internet rendah seperti 2G atau GPRS. Cuma agen sbobet yang mempunyai service SBOBET WAP mobile betting. Situs mobile sbobet kami mempunyai penampilan modern dan pemakai antarmuka hebat dengan navigasi gampang dan simpel yang membuat membuat anggota sanggup memasangkan games tidak lelet, dan nyaman cuma lewat pegangan handphone saja. Lebih dari itu, hal paling memberikan keuntungan ialah terdapatnya banyak bahasa yakni dimulai dari (Bahasa Thailand, Korea, Inggris, Indonesia, China, Vietnam, China). Kemudian jika misalkan kalian terlatih bermain games judi bola online dengan performa sederhana seperti wap sbobet atau sbobet, karena itu kenalilah jika juga bisa masuk lewat piranti computer, sekalian penggunaan netbook supaya bisa lakukan beberapa game versus WAP.

Situs Wap Sbobet Sah Loading Paling cepat
Situs judi bola wap sbobet kami jadi opsi khusus untuk bermain taruhan bola online dengan sederhana dan cepat, dengan agunan loading cepat saat terhubung situs sbobet kami. Beberapa bettor dapat segera terhubung situs judi online kami untuk bermain beberapa pilihan games dimulai dari sbobet kasino, sbobet slot dan ada banyak yang lain. Anda tidak butuh berasa cemas dan kesulitan kembali untuk terhubung situs wap sbobet, karena link sbobet ini faedahnya untuk mempermudah semua pemain saat jalankan taruhan mobile sbobet. Di mana jadi agen judi bola terbaik tentunya akan layani penuh pemainnya kapan pun dan dimanapun sepanjang 7 x 24 jam nonstop, telah didukung oleh layanan konsumen professional. Tidak butuh cemas kembali, percayai bermain sbobet bersama bandar judi siap akan memberi servis dengan optimal lewat beberapa game benar-benar paling canggih.

Sbobet Wap sudah jadi situs judi bola unggulan beberapa anggotanya dalam taruhan sbobet. Hal tersebut karena agen sbobet sering kali ganti domain yang karena ada internet positif karena penutupan dari Kominfo. Harus dipahami jika games judi online atau secara online masih ilegal sampai detik ini . Maka, sebagai penyuplai link sbobet dan sbobet login terkini memberi opsi link Alternative sbobet terbaik buat semua pemainnya. Karena itu selekasnya mendaftar sbobet untuk taruhan bola aman dan login sbobet mobile atau piranti computer tanpa perlu cemas keamanan data. Kami memiliki pengalaman nyaris lima tahun jadi agen sbobet sah yang tawarkan jumlahnya keuntungan bagi beberapa anggota atau calon anggota yang hendak gabung dalam website judi online kami.

Top Shows, Activities, and Events in Las Vegas this Summer

With Memorial Day behind us, it’s time for summer in Las Vegas! With dozens of casinos, nightclubs, music venues and pool parties to check out, there’s something for everyone in Neon City. Whether you’re a first-time visitor or an all-time Vegas veteran, new and exciting events are around every corner in the city. Read on for your comprehensive guide to Las Vegas summer events.


Circa Stadium Swim®


During the peak of Las Vegas pool party season, you can combat the summer heat at Stadium Swim, which will have a summer full of sports events to enjoy poolside all season long. Bonus: Guests staying at Golden Gate have complimentary access to Stadium Swim.

On August 25th, you can catch The Knocks DJ set, an After Dark summer concert hosted by Stadium Swim and We The Beat. The lineup will include The Knocks and local artists like Dos Lonely Boys, Z, and Evan Durant B2B Parra. Don’t miss out on the silent disco in the Owner’s Suites, a photo booth, tastings from Casamigos Tequila and Cointreau Liqueur, and shopping opportunities from Jobee Swimwear! It’ll be a Las Vegas pool party for the books. Tickets are $15 pre-purchased, day-of tickets will be $20, and hotel guests staying at Golden Gate, Circa, or the D on August 25 can get in for free by showing their room key.


Free Live Music in Las Vegas


Live music at the top of your summer experiences list? Head down to the Fremont Street Experience! Thanks to partnerships with the casinos, this concert series is FREE of charge all season long. With a summer full of incredible free concerts this season, here are a few of the can’t-miss shows of the summer!


Girlfriends at Las Vegas Summer Festival


Las Vegas Summer Festivals


With the summer season, comes the festival season! From beer and brats to electronic music and comedy, check out the best festivals Las Vegas has to offer.


Big Dog’s Summerfest Beer & Reggae Party

Saturday, July 22

Looking for island vibes? Look no further than Big Dog’s Summerfest! Featuring more than 45 craft beers, food trucks, raffles, and giveaways, this event is a summer classic. Hosting four beer festivals per year, this July gathering is a special celebration of light beer and reggae music. No tickets are required, but your appetite is!


Exodus Festival

June 29 – July 4, July 27-31, August 31 – September 4

This summer, the city will come alive with the sounds of world-famous DJs! This annual festival is a must-attend event for music lovers and those seeking an epic party experience. With multiple venues hosting exclusive events, you’ll have the opportunity to dance the night away at some of the hottest nightclubs in Las Vegas. From pool parties to rooftop extravaganzas, this festival offers a diverse lineup of shows that cater to all music tastes and preferences. Don’t miss your chance to be a part of this legendary summer celebration.


Fully Loaded Comedy Special

Wednesday, July 12

Prepare to laugh your heart out in the entertainment capital of the world as the Fully Loaded Comedy Festival takes center stage at the iconic T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. From the comedic brilliance of Stavros Halkias, Andrew Santino, Lewis Black, and Big Jay Oakerson, to the side-splitting humor of Ralph Barbosa, the stage will be packed with comedic talent. The doors open at 7 pm, and this is a comedy show you won’t want to miss. Grab your tickets now and secure your spot for an evening filled with laughter, entertainment, and unforgettable comedic moments.


Woman at Legacy Club Rooftop Bar Event in Summer


Legacy Club Events


No Las Vegas summer is complete without a visit to the Legacy Club! Located 60 floors above the city at the Circa Resort & Casino, this exclusive spot is a can’t-miss for epic parties and live music on Fridays.

Looking for a white-hot American summer? Book your tickets for Legacy en Blanc on Friday, June 23! Starting at 7 pm, guests can sip blanc-inspired cocktails at the open bar, sample delicious appetizers, and listen to world-class live music as the sun sets. Don’t forget to pack your best all-white cocktail attire!

For visitors celebrating Independence Day in Vegas, check out Legacy Club’s event, Star Spangled Glamour. Slated for Tuesday, July 4, revelers can expect patriotic themed cocktails and bites, stunning red, white and blue decor, and amazing live music. Get ready to watch fireworks burst overhead while you and your friends dance the night away.

The Gatsby: A Speakeasy in the Sky on Friday, August 4 will be one for the ages. Dress yourself in a glamorous 1920s outfit and swing the night away with a live band, costume party packs,  an open bar with specialty cocktails, prohibition-inspired hors d’oeuvres, and décor to transform the evening into the most grandiose event.


Fremont Street Experience


After enjoying some Las Vegas summer events, make sure you take in all Downtown Las Vegas has to offer. Thrill seekers will love the Zilla-Zilla and Super-Hero Zoom ziplines, towering up to 11 stories above the Fremont Street Experience! If adrenaline isn’t your thing, never fear! Grab a classic frozen yard drink at OneBar, then head to one of the world-class casinos to play table games, slots, and more in style.

We recommend heading to Golden Gate Hotel & Casino to experience a bit of Vegas history, the D to drink at one of the longest bars in Nevada, or staying in luxury at Circa Las Vegas for a bit of luxury and glamor.


Las Vegas in the summer is full of endless possibilities. Whether you’re seeking incredible parties, top-notch live music, thrilling adventures, or unforgettable casino experiences, this city has it all and more. So, pack your summer essentials, bring your sense of adventure, book your room at Golden Gate Las Vegas, and get ready to create memories that will last a lifetime. The stage is set, the lights are on, and the city is waiting for your best summer yet!

Referensi Game Slot Bonus New Member Pragmatic Play

Tentu saja di situs slot bonus new member ada opsi game bonus new member yang bisa dimainkan dimanapun disaat waktu senggang. Opsinya komplit, sangat banyak nama game slot yang gacor tentu membuat kamu kebingungan buat milih. Mangkannya saya memberi beberapa nama game slot dan RTP nya agar kamu tidak kebingungan pilih game yang mana pas untuk pemula sepertimu.

Bila kamu mencari dan ingin bermain slot yang memberi bonus, karena itu kamu dapat mainkan game slotnya tanpa sangsi tanpa malu kembali. Banyak terdapat pilihan, tapi di sini saya cuma tuliskan yang terbaik saja karena bonus new member adalah situs terpercaya yang dapat lisensi resmi buat semua game yang ada.

Kali ini saya akan memberi kumpulan game slot bonus new member dari Pragmatic Play. Pragmatic Play telah dikasih lisensi untuk meningkatkan game slot online oleh regulator seperti Kewenangan Permainan Malta. Mereka menguji game mereka dalam soal keadilan dan keacakan oleh Laboratorium Permainan Internasional, Federasi Permainan, dan tanggung-jawab bermain.

Pasti cukup banyak situs judi slot online yang mereferensikan Pragmatic Play sebagai permainan yang menyenangkan dengan beberapa game nya yang memberi kemenganan gampang dan tentu saja benar-benar tagih untuk dimainkan. Pasti dengan bocoran rtp nya yang jelas sangat besar, saya tidak akan masukkan game yang rtp nya kecil di sini. saya hanya menguraikankan game yang dapat membeli spin yang tentu saja benar-benar mempermudah kamu bikin bermain tanpa harus lelah.

Game yang disiapkan Pragmatic komplit dengan grafis bagus yang menganakemaskan mata membuat anda kerasan lama-lama bermain slot online. Salah satunya argumen Pragmatic Play dengan waktu sesaat langsung terkenal ialah karena perhatian detil game yang menganakemaskan mata. Design grafis mereka membuat tiap permainan slot jadi nikmat dilihat. Di bawah ini saya memberi referensi game slot dari Pragmatic Play yang tentu saja adalah agen terpopuler dan jadi favorite di kelompok beberapa pemain slot online gacor. Berikut 20 referensi game slot yang dapat kamu permainkan salah satunya:

Game Slot Bonus New Member Starlight Princess
Jumpai si putri di kastilnya dengan game slot bonus new member Starlight Princess. Permainan bertopik tuan putri ini adalah game slot dengan 20 payline. Yang mana di lambang perkalian mengkilau s/d 500x dapat lewat cara random keluar di monitor. Game ini populer gampang menang dan kerap memberi jackpot dan spin gratis. Starlight Princess ada fitur membeli spin yang mempermudah kita.

Informasi Game:

Nama Game: Starlight Princess
: 96.50%
Membeli Spin: Ya
Game Slot Bonus New Member Gates of Gatot Kaca
Gates of Gatot Kaca jadi benar-benar terkenal baru ini sampai semua bermain dan mengenalnya. Game slot bonus new member bertopik gatotkaca ini adalah game slot terbaru dengan 20 payline di mana beberapa simbol keluar dengan bagus. Dengan 4 lambang perkalian yang dapat melipat gandakan nilai berapa saja sampai 500x. Masukkan bukit olympus dengan 15 spin gratis. Game slot bonus ini gampang menang dengan rtp 96.50%.

Informasi Game:

Nama Game: Gates of Gatot Kaca
: 96.50%
Membeli Spin: Ya
Game Slot Bonus New Member Sweet Bonanza
Sweet Bonanza mempunyai penampilan yang manis karena topik game ini ialah permen dan buah-buahan menganakemaskan mata kamu bikin semakin lama bermain sweet bonanza. Game slot bonus new member sama ukuran 6×5 kemenangan dimana saja. Makin banyak permen yang dikenakan karena itu makin banyak kemenangan yang dapat kamu peroleh. Kemenangan di game ini cukup gampang karena rtp nya sampai 96.48%.

Informasi Game:

Nama Game: Sweet Bonanza
Membeli Spin: Ya
4. Game Slot Bonus New Member The Dog House Megaways
The Dog House tiba kembali dan saat ini di tambahkan dengan sentuhan serunya Megaways dan dapat membeli spin. Game slot bonus new member dengan gulungan s/d 7 gulungan ini bawa kembali bagaimana kelucuan beberapa anjing di tempat tinggalnya. Tapi lebih oke karena saat ini ada dengan lebih dari 100 ribu langkah tuk menang. Kejar lambang liar yang berguguran dan lambang lekat untuk kemenangan classic, saat ini dengan tempo bermain cepat dan permainan yang terpusatkan.

Informasi Game:

Nama Game: The Dog House Megaways
: 96.55%
Membeli Spin: Ya
Game Slot Bonus New Member Great Rhino Megaways
Memasuk dunia safari dengan Great Rhino dan kali ini datang dengan Megaways. Dengan lebih dari 200 ribu langkah untuk menang, akan gampang buat peroleh kemenangan di game slot bonus new member bertopik binatang liar di savannah afrika ini. Lambang badak liarnya beri kemenangan besar dari ekstra gulungan dan dari fitur bergulir yang tidak terbatas. Tentukan volatilitas mu buat peroleh spin gratis dengan perkalian yang bertambah tiap bergulir.

Informasi Game:

Nama Game: Great Rhino Megaways
: 96.50%
Membeli Spin: Ya

How to Play Roulette and Where You Can Find It for Free

Roulette is a casino game with an infinite number of spins.

Players bet on the outcome of the ball in the roulette wheel, or its position relative to numbers on the board or in relation to other numbers.

The game is played by placing bets with chips on various portions of the roulette table, which can correspond either to numbers, colors, or even whether the player is betting “even” or “odd”.

Roulette is a game played with a spinning wheel that has slots for placing bets. In this game, the players place their chips on the table as they choose one of the numbers or colors on the wheel. The croupier spins the wheel and then spins it again after all of the players have placed their bets.

In order to win, you have to bet on a number or color that is coming up in a random fashion under one of those two spins. You can also bet on a specific range of numbers or colors by putting your chips at the back edge of those numbers or colors. There is also an option called “outside bets” which are any other number outside of 0 and 00 that you can place your bet on.

The odds at winning roulette

Peluang Besar Menang Slot Dana Tanpa Potongan

Peluang Besar Menang Slot Dana Tanpa Potongan

Beragam agen slot https://www.labellapizzabistronp.com/ deposit pulsa tanpa potongan terpercaya 2023, bisa membuat anda untuk nikmati link slot gacor hari ini deposit pulsa tanpa potongan besar beberapa teman karena ada lumayan banyak kumpulan nama nama situs judi slot online terpercaya dan terbaik yang ada dalam link slot gacor hari ini yang bisa tingkatkan kesempatan kemenangan jackpot anda.

Karenanya, anda harus ketahui semua daftar slot deposit pulsa tanpa potongan yang ada di pada agen slot deposit pulsa tanpa potongan yang terkenal dalam jaringan internet dan media sosial media karena sebagai situs judi slot online resmi sudah tentu sediakan beragam provider slot deposit pulsa yang terpercaya dan resmi mengantungi banyak lisensi resmi bekerja dengan legal di dunia permainan judi sampai jamin beberapa member gampang memperoleh kemenangan jackpot paling besar dalam situs judi slot online terpercaya dan terbaik 2023 di Indonesia yang bisa bayar berapa saja kemenangan anda peroleh.

Bahkan juga saat anda bermain slot online dengan lakukan slot deposit pulsa. Tetapi saat anda sukses memperoleh kemenangan jackpot karena itu saldo dalam ID akun anda, bisa jadi saldo asli yang hendak di transfer di dalam saldo rekening ATM, anda atau E-Wallet anda . Maka, jangan bingung ya guys jika beberapa orang yang lakukan slot deposit pulsa di beberapa situs judi slot online terpercaya dan terbaik.

Berikut 15 kumpulan nama nama situs khusus judi slot online terpercaya di Indonesia yang bekerjasama dengan , untuk menyiapkan beragam permainan games slot online deposit pulsa paling populer buat anda mainkan:

Slot Gacor Hari Ini CQ9
Slot Gacor 2023 MICRO GAMING
Slot Gacor Terbaru SIMPLE PLAY
Slot Gacor JOKER123
Slot Gacor XPRO
Slot Gacor GS BBIN
Slot Gacor GENESIS
Slot Gacor ONE TOUCH

Di slot online terbaik 2023 ada games slot gacor deposit pulsa tanpa potongan terpercaya cepat menang datangkan judi service judi slot online deposit lewat pulsa Telkomsel dan service deposit lewat e-money Dana, Sakuku, Ovo, LinkAja, Gopay. Tidak itu saja, kami disokong service judi slot deposit bank lokal Bca, Bri, Bni, Berdikari dan Danamon.

Situs Slotdana Slot Gacor Gampang Maxwin di Indonesia

Dana Slot Gacor adalah agen judi slot paling gacor sebagai opsi khusus oleh beberapa pemain slot online di Indonesia. Semenjak pertama kalinya dibangun di tahun 2017 link RTP slot online kami setia temani member saat bermain slot online 24 jam online. Diberi dengan kualitas server yang selalu terbangun secara baik dan service terbaik dari layanan konsumen kami yang sedia menolong beragam persoalan member di dalam permainan.

Untuk daftar slot gacor di slotdana slot online termasuk lumayan gampang. Member perlu isi data register seperti nama lengkap, nomor rekening, dan nomor smartphone saat sebelum dapat mendeposit dan bermain games RTP slot online. Khusus permainan judi slot online sendiri mempunyai winrate paling tinggi antara agen slot gacor indonesia yang lain, ini ditunjukkan jumlahnya member sanggup memperoleh kemenangan sampai jackpot sepanjang bermain di sini.

Dengan bekal lisensi dan ijin dari provider judi slot resmi, situs Slotdana Slot Gacor mendatangkan banyak slot online terlengkap dan pengalaman berlainan saat bermain slot online. Selekasnya mendaftar slot dan mainkan slot online indonesia terbaik dan merasai kesan baru mainkan judi rtp slot paling gacor gampang menang jackpot paling besar cuma di situs judi slot paling gacor terpercaya di indonesia dengan beberapa bonus yang bisa di-claim bahkan juga semenjak daftar situs slot gacor gampang menang.

Nikmati Sensasi Bermain dengan Permainan Profesional di Akun Pro Thailand Slot Gacor

Nikmati Sensasi Bermain dengan Permainan Profesional di Akun Pro Thailand Slot Gacor

Pertumbuhan industri perjudian online terus meningkat pesat, terutama di Thailand. Dalam beberapa tahun terakhir, slot https://www.happyboilseafoodhouse.com/ Thailand telah menjadi salah satu permainan yang paling populer di dunia perjudian online. Salah satu permainan slot terkenal yang banyak dimainkan adalah Mahjong Ways 2. Dalam artikel ini, kami akan membahas rahasia kemenangan besar di Mahjong Ways 2 dan bagaimana Anda dapat memanfaatkannya untuk meraih keuntungan maksimal.

Pertama-tama, penting untuk memahami apa itu Mahjong Ways 2. Ini adalah permainan slot yang didasarkan pada permainan papan tradisional Cina yang terkenal, Mahjong. Permainan ini menawarkan 5 gulungan dan 45 paylines, memberikan banyak peluang kepada pemain untuk meraih kemenangan. Selain itu, Mahjong Ways 2 dilengkapi dengan berbagai fitur bonus yang menarik, seperti putaran gratis, simbol liar, dan fitur khusus lainnya yang dapat meningkatkan peluang Anda untuk meraih kemenangan besar.

Satu rahasia kemenangan besar di Mahjong Ways 2 adalah pemilihan situs slot yang tepat. Ada banyak situs slot Thailand yang menawarkan permainan ini, tetapi tidak semuanya dapat diandalkan. Penting untuk memilih situs slot server Thailand yang memiliki reputasi baik dan menawarkan pengalaman bermain yang aman dan adil. Dengan memilih situs slot yang terpercaya, Anda dapat memastikan bahwa Anda bermain dengan uang sungguhan dan memiliki peluang yang adil untuk meraih kemenangan besar.

Mamfaat Bermain Di Situs Slot Online Server Thailand Paling Banyak Promo dan Bonus

Selanjutnya, penting juga untuk memanfaatkan promosi dan bonus yang ditawarkan oleh situs slot Mahjong Ways 2. Banyak situs https://golfcapecodest1892.com/ slot Thailand menawarkan promosi seperti bonus setoran, putaran gratis, dan cashback kepada pemain baru maupun pemain yang sudah ada. Anda dapat memanfaatkan promosi-promosi ini untuk meningkatkan peluang Anda meraih kemenangan besar tanpa harus mengeluarkan banyak modal. Pastikan untuk membaca syarat dan ketentuan promosi sebelum mengklaimnya, untuk memastikan bahwa Anda memenuhi persyaratan yang diperlukan.

Selain itu, penting juga untuk memahami strategi bermain yang tepat dalam Mahjong Ways 2. Meskipun ini adalah permainan slot, ada beberapa strategi yang dapat membantu Anda meningkatkan peluang Anda untuk meraih kemenangan besar. Salah satu strategi yang populer adalah memainkan semua paylines yang tersedia. Hal ini memastikan bahwa Anda tidak melewatkan peluang untuk meraih kemenangan, karena kombinasi simbol yang menang dapat terjadi pada payline mana pun. Selain itu, menetapkan batas kemenangan dan kerugian yang rasional juga penting untuk menghindari kehilangan uang yang tidak perlu.

Dalam artikel ini, kami telah membahas rahasia kemenangan besar di Mahjong Ways 2. Memilih situs slot server Thailand yang terpercaya, memanfaatkan promosi dan bonus yang ditawarkan, serta menerapkan strategi bermain yang tepat adalah kunci untuk meraih kemenangan maksimal dalam permainan ini. Namun, penting untuk diingat bahwa perjudian harus dilakukan dengan bertanggung jawab. Jangan pernah bermain dengan uang yang Anda tidak mampu kehilangan dan selalu ingat untuk melakukan istirahat jika Anda merasa kecanduan. Semoga artikel ini bermanfaat bagi Anda dalam perjalanan perjudian online Anda.

First-Crop Sires: Mitole striking early with fillies

TwinSpires.com will follow prominent first-crop sires whose two-year-olds are hitting the track this season. This installment is the first on 2019 sprint champion Mitole. 

There was arguably no finer champion male sprinter in the 2010s than Mitole, who capped the decade with a tremendous campaign in 2019 that included four Grade 1 wins from six furlongs to one mile. The entirety of Mitole’s career was just as noteworthy. After placing in his first two starts, Mitole won 10 of his final 12 outings, never finished out of the money, and bankrolled $3,104,910.

A son of Eskendereya, Mitole was produced by Indian Miss, an Indian Charlie half-sister to Grade 2 winner Live Lively. Indian Miss is also the dam of $5.67 million earner Hot Rod Charlie, who captured the Pennsylvania Derby (G1) and placed in such important races as the Kentucky Derby (G1), Belmont (G1), Dubai World Cup (G1), and Breeders’ Cup Juvenile (G1).

Bred in Kentucky by Edward Cox Jr., Mitole was sold twice at auction. After bringing $20,000 at 2016 Keeneland September Yearling Sale, Mitole was successfully pinhooked for $140,000 the following April at OBS. The latter buyer was East Hickman Bloodstock, owned by Bill and Corinne Heiligbrodt.

Placed in training with Steve Asmussen, Mitole finished third in his lone start as a juvenile at Fair Grounds and then finished second in his sophomore debut at Oaklawn. He completed an abbreviated three-year-old campaign, winning four of his next five starts by an average margin of more than eight lengths. Highlights included back-to-back stakes wins in the Bachelor at Oaklawn by nine lengths and the Chick Lang at Pimlico by 6 1/4 lengths over a sloppy track on Preakness Day.

Subsequently sidelined by a splint injury, Mitole returned to rave reviews as a four-year-old. After a season-opening allowance win, Mitole reeled off consecutive stakes victories in the Count Fleet Sprint H. (G3), Churchill Downs (G1), and Metropolitan H. (G1), the latter over multiple Grade 1 winner McKinzie and two-time Dubai World Cup hero Thunder Snow.

Although a distant third in the Alfred G. Vanderbilt H. (G1) in his next start, Mitole rebounded with back-to-back scores in the Forego (G1), in which he set a stakes record of 1:20.80 for seven furlongs, and the Breeders’ Cup Sprint (G1) at Santa Anita. Not only was Mitole a landslide winner of the Eclipse Award for champion male sprinter, but narrowly missed winning the champion older dirt male title as well, to Vino Rosso, by a margin of 129-108.

Currently standing for $15,000 live foal at Spendthrift Farm in Kentucky, Mitole has been represented by six North American winners through Aug. 15. Two fillies in particular have stood out so far.

V V’s Dream, Mitole’s first North American winner, has been his most accomplished to date. Debuting on May 19 at Churchill Downs, V V’s Dream pummeled her rivals by 6 1/4 lengths while negotiating five furlongs in :57.91. She was awarded a 93 Brisnet Speed rating.

Sent off as an odds-on favorite in the Debutante S. at Ellis Park on July 2, V V’s Dream missed by a diminishing half-length to Brightwork, who subsequently landed the Adirondack (G3) at Saratoga by five lengths to remain undefeated from three starts. V V’s Dream recorded her first work since the Debutante on Aug. 12 at Saratoga. With her positive form lines, she’s a horse to keep an eye on this fall.

Another interesting debut winner by Mitole is Mybronxbaby, who won for fun on the Aug. 1 card at Finger Lakes. Sent off as the 8-5 second choice in a field of seven, Mybronxbaby increased her margin at every call to win by 8 3/4 lengths.

Although Finger Lakes is typically not a breeding ground for future graded stakes winners, Mybronxbaby could be a filly to keep an eye on in restricted company in that state. A New York-bred who defeated open company in that maiden debut, Mybronxbaby could be given a shot in upcoming state-bred stakes at Saratoga, Finger Lakes, and Aqueduct.

Another daughter of Mitole worth noting is the Woodbine-based Stormcast, who has finished second and third in her two appearances over the Toronto track’s Tapeta surface. The third-place finish occurred in the My Dear S. over 5 1/2 furlongs.

Game Slot Aztec Gems Terlengkap

Game Slot Aztec Gems Terlengkap

Ada beberapa games slot demo aztec pragmatic gratis terbaik yang saat ini ramai dimainkan karena karena memiliki tingkat kemenangan besar sekali, tidak aneh pada slot asli games ini mencari target beberapa player untuk kerjakan taruhan. Dalam slot gratis pragmatic tentu memiliki beberapa ratus permainan demo slot gratis, tentu ini akan membuat kamu ketidaktahuan untuk tetapkan games slot yang mana ingin dimainkan, karena itu kami akan merekomendasikan beberapa games slot pragmatic gratis yang ramai dimainkan saat ini. Adapun kumpulan game slot pragmatic terbaik sekarang ini ialah sebagai berikut:

1. Slot Demo Gratis Gates Of Gatot Kaca

Gates Of Gatot Kaca Sebagai permainan slot terbaru pragmatic yang memiliki karakter gatot kaca sebagai karakter dasarnya. Gates Of GatotKaca sukses memperoleh tanggapan positif dari beberapa pemain slot online. Pada hari awalannya rilisnya demo slot Pragmatic itu sanggup mendapat jumlah pemain paling banyak yang dulu pernah ada. Dengan struktural yang efektif dan rapi. Games satu ini sanggup memberi pengalaman bermain terbaik.

2. Slot Demo Gratis Gates Of Olympus

Gates of Olympus sebagai permainan slot terbaik yang dikeluarkan oleh provider pramatic play. Banyak player mainkan Gates Of Olympus ini karena karena memiliki tingkat kemenangan besar sekali, Selain itu, permainan demo slot ini dilengkapi beberapa feature luar biasa seperti Super Spins dan Power Spins. Gates Of Olympus Demo Pragmatic Play adalah games slot terlengkap yang aktif dan memikat untuk beberapa pemain di seluruh dunia.

3. Slot Demo Gratis Sweet Bonanza

Sweet Bonanza sebagai games demo slot gratis dengan topik buah-buahan dan permen sebagai topik khusus dari games sweet bonanza, untuk pencinta games buah buahan karena itu Sweet Bonanza menjadi opsi khusus karena Sweet Bonanza ini ada feature putaran gratis dan di melengkapi dengan perkalian yang semakin besar sekali yakni perkalian 50x dan 100x, Banyak player mengincar perkalian itu karena bisa membuat tingkat kemenangan didapat semakin besar.

4. Slot Demo Gratis Starlight Princess

Starlight Princess sebagai demo slot gratis terbaik selanjutnya yang di-launching oleh pragamatic, permainan ini memiliki keserupaan dengan Gates Of Olympus tetapi Starlight princess memiliki karakter peri sebagai karakter dasarnya. Games ini hadirkan 5 gulungan dan 9 paylines, dengan nilai taruhan diawali dari 0,09 sampai 90,00. Beberapa feature menarik di games ini salah satunya Starlight Wilds, Free Spins, dan Multiplier Reels. Saat ini games slot starlight princes memegang persentase slot paling gacor.

5. Slot Demo Gratis Starlight Christmas

Starlight Christmas sebagai games sama dari Starlight Princess, tetapi yang mebuat perubahannya ialah pada topiknya yang memiliki topik salju, sesuai namanya yang memiliki topik christmas. Starlight Christmas telah mempunyai fans. Hal tersebut karena proses permainan di atur dengan prima dan sesuai selera pemain. Hingga saat games itu launching pada hari awalannya saja telah sanggup alami ledakan pemain. Anda pun harus coba demo slot gratis dari starlight christmas supaya kamu dapat merasai pengalaman bermain yang hebat.

6. Slot Demo Gratis Wild West Gold

Wild West Gold sebagai games demo slot gratis selanjutnya yang ramai pencintanya, Wild West Gold memiliki topik koboy sebagai karakter dasarnya. Dengan desain dan grafis yang baik sekali, membuat beberapa player menjadi sukai. Wild West Gold ramai dimainkan karena memiliki persentase RTP slot yang semakin besar sekali.

7. Slot Demo Gratis Pyramid Bonanza

Habanero slot gratis pragmatic salah satunya favourite terbaik yang seterusnya bisa digunakan oleh beberapa pemain karena seterusnya di sini kamu dapat dapat sejumlah keuntungan. Bermain slot bersama habanero memungkinkannya kamu untuk capai dan mencetak kemenangan yang gampang dan keuntungan yang besar. Banyak permainan baru dengan tingkat kemenangan tinggi yang ditawarkan.

8. Slot Demo Gratis Power Of Thor

Selanjutnya ialah Power Of Thor , games slot clasic yang sekarang ini menjadi target player dengan narasi norwegia. Beberapa pemain benar-benar menyenangi proses permainan games ini dari demo slot karena kamu dapat raih freespin terbaik dan beri keuntungan. Lewat proses freespin dapat anda dapatkan langsung dengan beli dan kamu sanggup mendapat keuntungan yang besar cuma lewat freespin dengan perkalian tinggi.

9. Slot Demo Gratis The Hand Of Midas

The Hand Of Midas datang lewat proses permainan menarik dan beri keuntungan. Kamu dapat mendapatkan freespin lewat putaran demo slot gratis atau membeli langsung. Freespin akan di jumlahkan langsung sampai kesemuanya putaran bisa memberi keuntungan lebih. Dengan kesemuanya freespin paling tinggi capai sampai 40x kamu bisa bawa keuntungan sampai beberapa puluh.

10. Slot Demo Gratis Aztec Gems

Aztec gems sebagai games paling favorit oleh beberapa pemain slot online. Karena pada intinya anda dapat mendapatkan keuntungan tinggi dari games itu. lewat keuntungan tinggi tidak tutup peluang jika pencarian slot demo gratis Pragmatic dari games itu tertaut lumayan tinggi.

Demo Slot Paling Dicari Dapat Dimainkan Kapan saja

Ada beberapa pilihan situs sugar rush slot demo terlengkap yang tawarkan beragam permainan demo slot, karena banyaknya situs slot gratis itu tentu membuat kamu ketidaktahuan untuk tetapkan opsi yang pas, bahkan jika kamu mencarinya sendiri tentu memakan waktu dan harus banyak menganalisis proses pencarian. Karena itu di sini kami sebagai agen situs slot demo terbaik kami akan merekomendasikan kamu beberapa opsi situs slot gratis yang di mana akan mempermudah kamu waktu bermain games slot. Adapun opsi slot pragmatic gratis itu adalah sebagai berikut:

1. Demo Slot Pragmatic Play
2. Demo Slot PG Soft
3. Demo Slot Microgaming
4. Demo Slot Joker Gaming
5. Demo Slot Habanero

Itu beberapa rekomendasi situs slot demo yang bisa kami berikan yang kami dapatkan dari analisis tim kami, semoga opsi situs terbaik itu dapat beguna untuk kamu, selanjutnya kembali lagi ke anda untuk tetapkan opsi yang anda mengharap, karena semua peneyedia demo slot itu sebagai opsi terbaik dan banyak di minati oleh beberapa player.

Terkait Situs Judi Slot Gacor Online Slot88 Profil Komplit

situs slot88 yaitu satu rujukan alternatif situs judi slot online Indonesia yang ada memberikan bervariasi keunggulan serta kelebihan. Selaku satu rujukan alternatif situs judi yang udah profesional sudah lama pastinya di tempat ini kami memberikan struktur permainan yang makin lebih kekinian serta modern. Agunan permainan yang dikasihkan pun amatlah bagus maka berikan kepuasan serta kepercayaan buat banyak player bergabung sama kami. Anda dapat memainkan permainan game judi online sama kami dengan agunan permainan terbaik maka bermacam keuntungan terbesar dapat juga diperoleh. Ini adalah diantaranya:

1. Fair serta aman
Satu rujukan agunan pertama-tama yang kami kasih yaitu dari sisi struktur permainan yang 100% fair. Tentu saja ada agunan keamanan buat Anda dapat memainkan permainan game judi sama kami. Kemenangan berapakah point yang diperoleh oleh banyak player akan kami bayarkan serta itu menjadi satu rujukan hal utama tentulah menjadi kelebihan kami. Bila disamping itu pun struktur keamanan yang kami punya jelas teruji bebas dari hacking dan sebagainya.

2. Cara negosiasi komplet
Keluasaan yang lain dapat juga dirasa oleh banyak player yaitu dari sisi alternatif cara negosiasi yang komplet. Di tempat ini kami memberikan anda banyak player cara negosiasi komplet buat meringankan saat proses deposit atau juga Withdrawal. Proses negosiasi pada permainan game judi slot ada dua ialah deposit di awal permainan serta withdraw diakhir permainan. Semuanya itu dapat dikerjakan dengan cara mudah memanfaatkan sejumlah alternatif cara baik rekening bank, pulsa atau juga dengan juga e-money.

3. Pendaftaran akun cepat serta mudah
Proses pendaftaran register dapat juga dikerjakan trik yang paling cepat serta mudah. Banyak player dapat lekas melaksanakan pendaftaran atau register akun tanpa merasakan persoalan sama sekalipun. Di sini player dapat melaksanakan pendaftaran dengan isikan formulir online yang siap akan tetapi awal mulanya penting meng-click knop daftar atau pendaftaran. Sesudah itu kelak anda dapat lekas mulai buat isikan formulir serta memulai memainkan permainan online.

4. Promosi bonus judi slot terbesar
Perihal memberi keuntungan lalu dari sisi bonus serta promosi yang kami kasih. Di sini kami memberikan Anda bervariasi alternatif bonus serta promosi terbesar. Promosi yang dijajakan serta bonus yang dikasihkan diikuti Sejumlah prasyarat keputusan yang wajib disanggupi akan tetapi tidak harus risau sebab serius begitu ringan. Ini adalah sejumlah prasyarat keputusan dari bonus promosi itu:

Bonus member baru
Bonus member baru yaitu macam alternatif bonus yang dijajakan serta dikasihkan buat banyak member yang baru saja bergabung. Prasyarat inti agar dapat mendapat ini yaitu member baru yang baru saja melaksanakan pendaftaran register akun. Besaran bonus yang dapat diperoleh dapat sampai 100% tergantung di macam permainan yang anda putuskan.

Bonus cashback deposit
Lalu setelah itu Anda dapat juga mendapat bonus cashback atau bonus deposit. Satu rujukan prasyarat inti yang wajib dikerjakan agar dapat mendapat bonus ini yaitu dengan melaksanakan proses deposit dana terlebih dulu. Proses deposit dana dapat dikerjakan trik mentransfer data ke nomor rekening agen kami buat setelah itu Anda dapat peroleh akun serta chips.

Bonus referal
Grup bonus lalu referal atau umumnya dikatakan bonus komisi. Bonus yang satu ini dijajakan selaku satu rujukan wujud animo buat Anda yang sukses membawa kawan yang lain buat bergabung. Semakin bertambah kawan yang dibawa bergabung, semakin tambah besar keuntungan yang dapat diperoleh. Bonus yang satu ini tak memaksa anda buat main namun Anda mesti membawa orang makin banyak buat bergabung lewat link referal Anda supaya bonus itu.

Bonus rollingan
Bonus rollingan ini pun grup permainan yaitu bonus yang mencuri perhatian. Anda dapat mendapat bonus rollingan dengan cara mudah tiap-tiap minggunya. Bonus ini serius diberikan tiap-tiap minggu serta tiap-tiap player punya peluang buat bisa mendapat bonus itu waktu kerap lakukan deposit. Bonus rollingan ini kebanyakan serius dihitung berdasar pada dari nilai keseluruhan maximum deposit yang Anda setorkan dalam waktu jangka seminggu. Sesudah itu kelak bakal ada demikian prosen bonus yang dapat anda temukan.

5. Dukungan serta pelayanan terbaik
Fitur serta pelayanan kelebihan lalu dari dukungan serta pelayanan yang dikasihkan. Ada tiap-tiap player dapat mendapat bervariasi alternatif fitur menarik dari sisi dukungan serta pelayanan seperti pelayanan layanan konsumen yang membuka 24 jam non stop. Setelah itu disamping itu pun Anda dapat mendapat pelayanan dukungan yang lain tergolong bonus serta promosi yang komplet diikuti pelayanan kotak livestreaming yang dapat dikontak setiap saat.

Games Starlight Princess Hari Ini Anti Rungkat

Games Starlight Princess Hari Ini Anti Rungkat

Nach ini kali kita akan referensikan anda beberapa rtp starlight princess yang sudah bisa dibuktikan dan banyak dirasa oleh beberapa pemain slot online sejauh ini. Banyak antara pemain selanjutnya sukses raih peluang menang dalam permainan slot yang digerakkannya karena memakai beberapa opsi skema itu. Apa skema yang dapat dipakai? Anda dapat kenali salah satunya berikut ini:

Bet 600

Opsi pertama ialah memakai taruhan sejumlah 600 rupiah. Taruhan yang semakin lebih besar bisa tingkatkan kekuatan kemenangan Anda, tetapi selalu ingat untuk bermain-main dengan arif dan samakan taruhan dengan kekuatan keuangan Anda.

Quick OFF

Mematikan feature turbo bisa menolong Anda mengatur permainan dengan lebih bagus. Dengan perlambat perputaran, Anda dapat konsentrasi pada taktik permainan dan memutuskan lebih berhati-hati.

Auto Spin 50x

Jalankan auto spin sekitar 30 kali memberi peluang untuk mesin untuk cari skema yang memberikan keuntungan. Walaupun memerlukan waktu semakin lama, tapi kesempatan kemenangan bisa bertambah dengan lakukan auto spin dengan jumlah yang lumayan banyak.

Perputaran Manual 5x

Sesudah auto spin, dianjurkan untuk lakukan beberapa perputaran manual (manual spin) sekitar 5x. Ini bisa menolong Anda ambil kendalian permainan dan cari skema kemenangan lebih aktif.

Auto Spin 10x

Sesudah lakukan perputaran manual, teruskan dengan auto spin sekitar 10 kali. Dengan langkah ini, Anda bisa biarkan lagi mesin cari skema yang memberikan keuntungan tanpa harus kebanyakan terlibat.

Saat cari skema maxwin Starlight Princess yang paling gacor, harus diingat jika hasil permainan slot tergantung pada peruntungan dan permainan random (acak). Walaupun rekomendasi skema di atas bisa tingkatkan kesempatan Anda untuk mencetak kemenangan, teruslah bermain-main dengan memakai beragam penghitungan rasional.

Rekomendasi Skema Lain Slot Starlight Princess yang Terkenal

Selanjutnya selainnya beberapa opsi skema tepat seperti disebut sebelumnya, pemain sebenarnya dapat memakai dan mengaplikasikan beberapa opsi skema maxwin demo sweet bonanza yang lain yang telah bisa dibuktikan . Nach di tempat ini ada beberapa opsi skema terbaik yang kemungkinan sejauh ini pernah dicoba dan dipakai oleh beberapa pemain slot professional. Anda pun langsung bisa pilih dan memakai salah satunya dari beberapa opsi skema itu.

Selainnya skema seperti disebut sebelumnya, pemain tentu saja dapat memakai dan mengantar macam macam skema yang lain yang ada. Berikut salah satunya:

1. Spin Auto 20x Normal Spin

Opsi pertama ialah memakai auto spin sekitar 20 kali dengan model normal spin. Dengan lakukan auto spin dengan jumlah yang cukup, mesin bisa cari gabungan kemenangan memberikan keuntungan.

2. Spin Auto 10x Turbo Spin

Seterusnya, Anda bisa coba auto spin sekitar 10 kali dengan model turbo spin. Model turbo spin percepat perputaran mesin, hingga Anda bisa cari skema kemenangan secara bisa lebih cepat.

3. Spin Spasi 40x Turbo Spin

Memakai gabungan perputaran manual dan automatis, Anda bisa lakukan perputaran manual (manual spin) 1x dan diteruskan auto spin sekitar 40 kali dengan model turbo spin. Dengan langkah ini, Anda bisa menambahkan di antara proses pengambilan keputusan dengan aktif dan cari skema secara cepat.

4. Spin Auto 70x Turbo Spin

Opsi paling akhir ialah coba auto spin sekitar 70 kali dengan model turbo spin. Dengan lakukan auto spin dengan jumlah yang semakin lebih banyak, Anda mempunyai semakin banyak peluang untuk temukan gabungan kemenangan memberikan keuntungan.

Silahkan pemain gunakan dan pakai salah satunya dari beberapa opsi skema kemenangan di atas yang bisa dibuktikan sukses. Seterusnya penting juga untuk pemain dapat pelajari dan memakai bermacam opsi skema yang lain. Sebaiknya Selanjutnya Anda sendiri yang selanjutnya cari tahu dan pelajari dan temukan skema kemenangannya atas permainan slot gacor yang anda mainkan itu. Dengan memakai skema maxwin starlight princess hasil penemuan sendiri, pasti ada kebanggaan yang kemungkinan dapat didapat dan dirasa oleh beberapa pemain.

Link Situs Game Lucky Neko Gacor Hari Ini

Link Situs Game Lucky Neko Gacor Hari Ini

Sama seperti yang dijumpai, slot rtp lucky neko adalah salah satunya tipe permainan slot online yang lumayan dicintai oleh warga masyarakat +62. Ketahui ada feature slot demo pragmatic dan slot demo pg dengan 1 link, pasti menjadi satu diantara cara yang terhebat dari Provider Lucky Neko. Slot demo pragmatic dan slot demo pg soft bisa kamu permainkan cukup dengan 1 link situs ini saja.

Demo Slot adalah sebuah tipe permainan slot demo pragmatic dan pg soft yang saat ini bisa kamu permainkan dengan mudah. Demo slot jadi cukup populer karena dari serunya dalam bermainnya anda tidak butuh mendeposit untuk terhubung slot demo . Maka saat ini feature dari slot demo yang terkenal dan Bergengsi ini, bisa mempermudah kalian untuk beberapa pemain supaya bisa nikmati serunya dan kenyamanan pada feature games slot online.

5 Daftar Akun Demo Slot Pragmatic Play Gratis Paling Laku

Provider Pragmatic Play adalah provider demo rtp gates of olympus paling besar di dunia yang memberi service terbaik. Jumlahnya opsi permainan slot demo pragmatic yang di-launching oleh Provider resmi. Tetapi kita lakukan research dalam soal itu. Pasti kita akan membagi sekitar slot demo pragmatic terpopuler yang laku, tetapi sekarang kalian dapat bermain dengan gratis memakai link slot demo pragmatic play terpopuler tahun 2023. Berikut daftar 5 akun demo slot pragmatic paling kece:

1. Slot Demo Pragmatic Gates Of Olympus

Siapakah yang tidak mengenal dengan games yang ini yakni ialah slot demo Gates Of Olympus games benar-benar terkenal sampai memperoleh panggilan Kakek Zeus dari beberapa pecinta games judi slot di Indonesia. Atas kegacorannya yang tidak bermain-main selalu memberi kemenangan fenomenal. Menunggu tangan kakek zeus mengeluarkan petir dan ingin perkalian terbesar 500x turun sebagai hal yang paling menyenangkan waktu bermain slot pragmatic gratis ini.

2. Slot Demo Pragmatic Gates Of Gatot Kaca

Games slot gates of gatot kaca ialah termasuk games yang baru dikeluarkan oleh provider terkenal yakni pragmatic play, slot demo gates of gatot kaca ini sukses mengundang perhatian dari fans permainan demo slot pragmatic karena nyaris sama dengan gates of olympus yang sama gacor. Saat rilis gates of gatot kaca ini sukses memperoleh jumlah member yang banyak dibanding yang lain.

3. Slot Demo Pragmatic Starlight Princess

Games Starlight Princess sebagai games unggulan yang dapat disebut sama cara bermainnya dengan serunya di demo slot pragmatic paling populer di Pragmatic yakni Gates Of Olympus. Karena cara bermainnya yang masih sama gacornya, Starlight Princess memperoleh panggilan sebagai Cucu Kakek Zeus karena kerap memberi anda kemenangan perkalian 500x saat jalankan mesin slot demo seperti tangan kakek zeus. Kamu akan peroleh 15 Perputaran gratis jika sukses memperoleh 4 biji scatter.

4. Slot Demo Pragmatic Starlight Christmas

Games slot starlight christmas ini adalah games slot terlaku dimusim ini yang di-launching oleh pragmatic play. Starlight christmas ini sudah banyak menarik beberapa pemain karena termasuk tipe game demo slot pragmatic terbaru dan bisa ditata seperti keinginan beberapa player. Saat awal peluncuran games slot demo starlight christmas ini sudah mampu mengikat member sampai ratus ribu player di tiap harinya. Dan saat ini kalian wajib untukmencoba slot starlight christmas ditanggung memberikan kepuasan.

5. Akun Demo Slot Pragmatic Aztec Gems

Games slot aztec gems adalah games slot pragmatic terbanyak dimainkan sama beberapa player di indonesia. Ini karena kalian dapat memperoleh keringanan anti repot dan keuntungan besar sekali dari permainan aztec gems ini. Dari keuntungan yang didapat sehari-harinya banyak beberapa player pemula cari games slot demo aztec gems ini.

Ricky Casino Review 2023 | Pros, Cons, Bonuses & Games

Payment methods: Visa, Mastercard, PayID, Maestro, Neosurf, Neteller, Skrill, ecoPayz, Paysafecard, Bitcoin

Minimum Deposit: $20

Number of games: Over 2,000+

Bonuses: Up to $7,500 + 550 free spins

Wagering requirements: 50x

  • More than 2,000 online pokies
  • Huge welcome bonus up to $7,500 + 550 free spins
  • Live dealer games, including roulette
  • Accepts cryptocurrency deposits
  • Bonuses and free spins expire after 3 days
  • No sports betting available

Ricky Casino is an excellent online casino, with more than 2,000+ slot games, plenty of table games, live dealer games, and even demo versions so you can play risk-free to your heart’s content. 

It comes #1 in my list of best online casinos, and you will see why as you take a look at my in-depth review covering various important aspects.

Games: 10/10

Ricky Casino offers a huge collection of casino games that will please anyone from a beginner to the most avid player. With over 2,000 games to choose from, spanning pokies, progressive jackpots, roulette, blackjack, and video poker, you are certain to find something that is up your alley. 

Ricky Casino’s games are developed by the best in the business – gaming giants like Micrograming, SoftSwiss, and NetEnt, just to name a few. When I tested over 70 titles, I could tell each game has been painstakingly created, and therefore are of the highest quality in terms of graphics, design, characters, and playability.

Bonuses: 9.7/10

Many casino players enjoy welcome offers, where you can receive free bonuses. This allows you to play more without spending extra money, and pick up additional chances to win a big jackpot. Ricky Casino does not disappoint, with a generous offer of up to $7,500 bonus plus 550 free spins, spread across the first 10 deposits. This is how the bonuses can be claimed by new users:

  • 1st Deposit – 100% Up To $500 / 240 USDT + 100 Free Spins.
  • 2nd Deposit – 50% Up To $500 / 240 USDT + 50 Free Spins.
  • 3rd Deposit – 50% Up To $1,000 / 240 USDT + 50 Free Spins.
  • 4th Deposit – 50% Up To $1,000 / 240 USDT + 50 Free Spins.
  • 5th Deposit – 50% Up To $1,000 / 240 USDT + 50 Free Spins.
  • 6th Deposit – 50% Up To $1,000 / 240 USDT + 50 Free Spins. Once per day.
  • 7th Deposit – 50% Up To $1,000 / 240 USDT + 50 Free Spins. Once per day.
  • 8th Deposit – 50% Up To $500 / 240 USDT + 50 Free Spins. Once per day.
  • 9th Deposit – 50% Up To $500 / 240 USDT + 50 Free Spins. Once per day.
  • 10th Deposit – 50% Up To $500 / 240 USDT + 50 Free Spins. Once per day.

From this breakdown, you can see that the first deposit is a 100% bonus, while the remaining 9 deposits are only 50%. I took advantage of this by making a larger deposit on my first go. That way I received more bonus than if I deposited the same amount  spread over a few deposits.

Note that the minimum deposit to receive the bonuses is $30. Additionally, keep in mind that the free spins are applied to one particular slot game “All Lucky Clovers 5”. I enjoyed playing this slot, especially because it was free to play!

One of the great things about Ricky Casino is that they offer ongoing bonuses even after your welcome offer is completed. These change from time to time, but currently if you deposit on a Tuesday, you will receive a 100% deposit bonus, on Wednesdays you receive 200 free spins with a $30 deposit, and on Fridays you receive 50% deposit bonus. If you are a high roller, and make large deposits (over $1,500), then you can qualify for the VIP offers; receive 30% bonus on deposit amounts of $1,500 – $3,000.

Deposits and Withdrawals: 9.8/10

Having plenty of banking options are a must for any top casino, and Ricky Casino meets this criteria. There are various methods you can choose to deposit and withdraw money, with no transaction fees whatsoever. The only thing you need to be wary of is the minimum and maximum limits, as shown below.

Deposit methods

  • Visa/Mastercard/Maestro: $20 to $4,000
  • Neosurf, Neteller, Skrill, ecoPayz: $20 to $4,000
  • Paysafecard: $20 to $1,000
  • Bitcoin: 0.0001 BTC to 5 BTC

Withdrawal methods

  • Visa: minimum $20
  • Virtual Credit Cards, Neteller, Skrill, ecoPayz: minimum $20
  • Paysafecard: minimum $20
  • Bank transfer: minimum $300
  • Bitcoin: minimum 0.0001 BTC

Mobile Gaming: 9.4/10  

Many Ricky Casino users love playing games on their phone as a way to pass time when they’re bored, eg: on public transport, at work, or even on the toilet! Being able to access an online casino on your phone is a huge benefit. Ricky Casino does not yet have a mobile app, but you can easily visit the casino using your internet browser on your phone. When I tested the casino on my phone and iPad, I found that the site is perfectly optimised for each device, and it runs smoothly, with no delays or latency issues.

Customer Support: 10/10  

Ricky Casino has excellent customer service, and I scored them a full 10 out of 10 in this regard. There is a dedicated live chat support team available 24/7, and they are extremely helpful, no matter what your issue. They are staffed by real customer support agents, and not chatbots, so you can trust they understand what you are asking. 

If you prefer to communicate using email, that’s another option available to you. Simply email [email protected], and they will respond when they get to your email. This can take up to a few hours, but often it happens much quicker. When I tested out their email responsiveness, I received a reply in under an hour.

Security and Licensing: 9.5/10  

Ricky Casino is a legitimate and secure online casino. It has an authoritative license from Curacao, an international standard that guarantees the most honest and transparent interaction with players. It also guarantees that all actions, policy, and framework of the casino are performed legally. You can play at Ricky Casino without worrying about safety issues.

Alternatives to Ricky Casino

While Ricky Casino is my top choice of online casino, you may want to consider other options to find one that is more suitable for your needs. See the top four online casinos below to see which is right for you.

Welcome Bonus: $7,500 + 550 free spins

Welcome Bonus: $7,500 + 550 free spins

  • Over 2,000+ games
  • Deposit with Visa, Mastercard, PayID, Maestro, Neosurf, Neteller, Skrill, ecoPayz, Paysafecard, Bitcoin
  • Minimum deposit: $20
  • Wagering requirements: 50x
Welcome Bonus: Up to $5,000

Welcome Bonus: Up to $5,000

  • Over 2,000+ games
  • Deposit with Visa, Maestro, Mastercard, Neosurf, Neteller, Skrill, ecoPayz, Paysafecard, Bitcoin
  • Minimum deposit: $20
  • Wagering requirements: 50x
Welcome Bonus: Up to $5,000

Welcome Bonus: Up to $5,000

  • Over 1,250+ games
  • Deposit with Visa, Maestro, Mastercard, Skrill, Neteller, ecoPayz, MiFinity, MuchBetter, STICPAY, Paysafecard, Bank transfer, Bitcoin
  • Minimum deposit: $20
  • Wagering requirements: 50x
Welcome Bonus: Up to $3,000

Welcome Bonus: Up to $3,000

  • Over 300+ games
  • Deposit with Visa, Mastercard, Voucher, Direct bank transfer, MatchPay, Cryptocurrency (BTC, ETH, USDT, LTC, BCH, BSV)
  • Minimum deposit: $5 for USDT; $10 for Voucher, BTC; $20 for Visa/Mastercard, MatchPay; $50 for Bank transfer, ETH
  • Wagering requirements: 25x


Ricky Casino is my #1 recommendation of the best online casino, and I suggest you try it out, if you are searching for a new casino. There are thousands of games available, plenty of deposit methods, excellent 24/7 live chat support, and tons of bonuses. It is licensed and regulated by the Curacao gaming authority so you can trust it is a safe, honest, and legitimate site.

Click the button below to visit Ricky Casino and discover everything it has to offer. Remember, you can play games for free without having to deposit money or even sign up! This is an excellent way to familiarise yourself with Ricky Casino before deciding whether you want to create an account.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Ricky Casino is a legit online casino that is licensed and regulated by the Curacao Gaming Control Board. It is used by millions of players and many of them – including the team at Indivisible Gaming – consider Ricky Casino to be the best online casino.

Yes, Ricky Casino is a safe online casino that is licensed and regulated by the Curacao Gaming Control Board. It is trusted by millions of casino players, and is the best online casino.

How to Play Live Casino Blackjack

Blackjack is one of the easiest casino table games to grasp, but it can take you a little longer to master. With the aid of this comprehensive guide on how to play blackjack, we can equip you with the skillset and knowledge to have fun even when you are sat playing against a real dealer in the LiveRoulette live casino.

With over 20 live blackjack tables to choose from at LiveRoulette, there is always an opportunity to play a basic hand of blackjack or dabble with some of the side bet variants that can switch-up your gameplay. Before you get started, why not familiarise yourself with the basics of blackjack and get to grips with an optimal strategy to minimise the house edge.

The on-screen layout of a live blackjack table

From the moment you load up your live casino blackjack table, you will meet a friendly, professionally trained dealer to manage your game. You can see the seven-player seats around the table. Vacant seats will say ‘Sit Here’ and you only need to click to join the action.

The display of your account balance is in the bottom left corner of the screen and you can choose the size of your stake in the ‘Total Bet’ button next to it. Click the inner circle of your seat position once to bet one unit. You can also click on the side bet areas to place additional bets if you wish.

It’s possible to chat with the dealer and the other players at the table in real-time using the ‘Lobby’ button in the bottom right corner of the screen.

Card values in live blackjack

The values of cards in a game of blackjack are easy to follow. They correspond to their numerical value displayed on the card. Face cards (Jack, Queen and King) are worth ten, while an Ace can be worth either one or 11 and played however you see fit.

In-play actions available in live blackjack


By ‘hitting’, you’re requesting an additional card from the dealer to try and improve your hand(s). You can continue to hit cards until your hand value is 21 or greater.


You can choose to stand on your hand, which means that you are happy with the value of your cards and don’t require any more from the deck. You may choose to stand your hand to avoid exceeding 21 and going bust.


When a dealer gives you two cards of equal value, you can split them. Splitting turns these cards into two separate hands, with the dealer giving you one additional card for each hand. You must pay to split. The additional bet must be equal to your starting stake.

Double Down

If you believe one additional card will improve your hand to defeat the dealer, you may choose to double down. You’ll only get one more card from the deck and you must double your starting stake.


Whenever the dealer’s upcard is an Ace, the dealer will offer you an insurance side bet which can cover your losses if the dealer has a blackjack.

How many hands can you play in live blackjack?

You can play as many hands as you want at most live blackjack tables. Wherever there is a vacant seat at the table, you can normally use it to play multiple hands in different seats – providing you have the bankroll for it. Unlike other card games such as Texas Hold’em Poker, where it’s not possible to take up multiple seats at a table, you can do so in blackjack because you are not playing against the other players at the table, only the dealer’s hand.

What does bet behind mean?

At some live casino blackjack tables, you may have the option to ‘bet behind’ another active player at the table. This means that you will be betting on your chosen player’s hand to beat the dealer’s hand. Although you will have no say or control over how the hand turns out, you obviously have a choice as to which player you choose to bet behind.

Each active player at the table will have icons displayed next to their name, displaying how well they are playing. Those on a ‘hot’ or winning streak will usually have a gold medal or star next to their name.

How does the dealer play their hand?

You should now know how to play your blackjack hand at the tables, but do you know how the dealer plays their own hand? Put simply, if the dealer’s first two cards add up to 16 or less, they must hit and take an additional card. If their first two cards value is between 18 and 21, they must stand and take no further cards.

If the dealer has a ‘hard’ 17, they must stand. A hard 17 is a hand that does not contain an ace or has one or more aces with the value at one. If the dealer has a ‘soft’ 17, they must hit and take an additional card. A soft 17 is a hand that does contain an ace with the value being at 11.

The dealer’s hand automatically wins the round if your hand busts, or if the option is available to surrender your hand and half of your original stake. Their hand also wins if it is closer to 21 than yours. If you and the dealer have hands of the same value, then this is a ‘push’. In this event, you receive your original stake in full due to the tied game.

It’s worth noting that the dealer has very little say in how they play their hand. They must adhere to the house rules of standing on hard 17 and hitting on soft 17. Under no circumstances can they change tac and play their hand differently.

Available payouts at the blackjack tables

First and foremost, if you win a hand of live blackjack against the dealer’s hand, you will win a payout worth 1:1. If you bet €10, you’ll receive €10 in winnings, plus your €10 stake back.

It’s a little less straightforward for blackjacks. Some tables payout 6:5 for blackjack, while others will pay 3:2. For example, if you bet €10 and get a blackjack at a 6:5 blackjack table, you’ll receive €12 in winnings, plus your €10 stake back. If you bet €10 and get a blackjack at a 3:2 blackjack table, you’ll get €15 in winnings, plus your €10 stake back.

If you choose to take out the insurance bet, this pays out at 2:1 in the event the dealer lands a natural two-card blackjack.

Side bets in live blackjack

Although bet behind is also considered a side bet option, there are two primary side bets that you can place when sat at most of our live blackjack tables:

  • 21+3
    Let’s start with the 21+3 side bet. This one happens around the first two cards you receive, as well as the dealer’s visible ‘upcard’. If you can form a three-card poker hand using your first two cards and the dealer’s upcard (flush, straight, straight flush or three-of-a-kind) you will win a payout. The size of the payout depends on what kind of poker hand you can form. It typically ranges from 5:1 for a flush through to 100:1 for three-of-a-kind cards of the same suit.
  • Perfect Pairs
    Perfect Pairs is the second most popular side bet you’ll find at our live blackjack tables. This optional side bet requires you to find matching card values, card colours or, better still, two identical cards. You can win 5:1 for a Mixed Pair, such as a pair of eights of different suits. You can win 12:1 for a Coloured Pair, like a pair of sixes of the same colour i.e. diamonds or hearts. Finally, you can also bag 25:1 payouts for a Perfect Pair, which is two identical cards.

Understanding optimal strategy in live blackjack

The key to giving yourself the best chance of winning at the live casino blackjack tables is to adopt a smart strategy. A smart strategy is one that minimises the game’s house edge. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the betting techniques you should employ as part of an optimal blackjack strategy:

  • Doubling down on 10 and 11
    Some casinos will only allow players to double down on hands when their initial two-card hand is worth 10 or 11. Doubling down on 10 or 11 is a powerful play, particularly if the dealer’s hand is lower. It may even be prudent to double down when your hand is worth nine and the dealer’s hand is of a lower value still.
  • Splitting Aces and 8s
    If you have a pair of aces in your hand, this is a hard or soft total of 12. This is rarely a good situation to be in. There’s a high probability of landing a face card or a ten with your next card and going bust. Splitting them gives you a chance to potentially land two blackjacks or two cards valued higher than 12.

    A pair of eights is a hard total of 16, which means there are plenty of cards in the deck that could bust your hand when you hit. Splitting your eights into two hands gives you a chance to land a ten on both hands to achieve 18, which is a respectable outcome in this scenario.

  • Avoid taking Insurance
    Whenever the dealer’s upcard is an ace, you will get the chance to buy ‘Insurance’. This requires you to pay half the size of your original stake as a side bet, which pays out 2:1 if the dealer has a blackjack, ensuring you break even for the hand. The dealer will not have a blackjack more than 50% of the time, so Insurance is a statistically bad play – unless you are certain their next card will be a ten.
  • Surrender 16 against a ten (if allowed)
    If early or late ‘Surrender’, the best time to use it is when you have a hand value of 16 against the dealer’s ten. There are plenty of cards in the deck that can bust your hand and a similar amount that can give the dealer’s hand an unassailable advantage. That’s why it makes more sense to cut your losses and surrender half your stake in this position.

Live blackjack variations

Not content with conventional live blackjack games? We’ve got you covered. At LiveRoulette, you can immerse yourself in three different blackjack variations. All of which offer exciting, fast-paced gameplay, available on all desktop and mobile devices.

Speed Blackjack

Are you short on time? If you don’t have a moment to waste, Speed Blackjack could be the ideal solution for you. Powered by LiveRoulette partner Evolution Gaming, Speed Blackjack accelerates the gameplay wherever possible. The first two cards play as normal, but the next step is completely different.

In Speed Blackjack, the quickest players to make their decision to stand, hit, split or double down will play first with the dealer. It reduces the waiting time for experienced players that know what they are doing, even if it does not provide a mathematical edge to your action.

Infinite Blackjack

If you are someone that can only devote time to playing live blackjack during ‘peak’ hours, the chances are that most live blackjack tables will be full of players when you log in. There’s no need to worry about not being able to play though, thanks to our Infinite Blackjack tables.

As the name suggests, these low bet limit tables cater to an unlimited number of players, with no need to wait for a seat to become available. That’s because all active players receive a ‘community’ two-card hand. Subsequently, each player can play the remainder of the hand however they wish. There are no less than four side bets to choose from too.

Blitz Blackjack

Blitz Blackjack, powered by LiveRoulette partner NetEnt, operates on the same principle as Infinite Blackjack. All players receive the same two cards on-screen from the dealer and are then given the option to hit, stand and split the two cards to make the remainder of the hand their own. Again, there is no limit on the number of players that can play at these tables, which is great for peak hour gaming.

Blackjack is not a complex or scary casino game. You can grasp it within minutes and start to enjoy yourself at the tables of our Canadian online casino!

18+ | Gambling can be addictive, please play responsibly |  Terms & Conditions apply

Best Male Enhancement Pills That Work (2023) Top Sex Pills for Men to Use

Male enhancement supplements are popular formulas amongst men who want to have better sexual performance with their partner. While medications can be a little intimidating and even embarrassing to get, the biggest advantage with a supplement is the fact that the natural ingredients aren’t associated with side effects. That means, men won’t have to deal with a four-hour erection or a risk to their blood pressure.

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FTX law firm facing lawsuit for helping the cryptocurrency exchange

Fenwick & West allegedly set up shell companies for the company, leading to a class-action suit

Fenwick & West LLP, former primary counsel for FTX, will be facing a class-action suit that claims the firm assisted the crypto exchange’s alleged multibillion-dollar fraud scheme. A group of FTX customers filed the suit in a California District Court on August 7, alleging the law firm established various “shadowy entities” permitting FTX co-founder Sam Bankman-Fried and other company executives to develop “creative but illegal strategies” to commit fraud.

The suit alleges that Fenwick & West delivered services to FTX that “went well beyond those a law firm should and usually does provide,” such as avoiding regulatory scrutiny with creative structuring of FTX US acquisitions and providing staff to execute those proposed strategies.

The “shadowy entities” named in the suit are North Dimension and North Wireless Dimension, which allegedly siphoned the misappropriated customer funds. The plaintiffs claim that Fenwick & West aided and abetted FTX’s fraud by deciding not to interfere with a series of misrepresentations allegedly made to customers by FTX.

According to the suit, the implied agreement between Fenwick & West, FTX US, and other FTX affiliates to deceive customers was something the law firm was attracted to because it “stood to gain financially” from the company’s alleged misconduct.

Former Alameda Research CEO Caroline Ellison, FTX co-founder Gary Wang, and former FTX engineering head Nishad Singh were named in the complaint along with Bankman-Fried as the four supposed FTX insiders.

According to a report from Reuters on June 21, Fenwick & West hired the services of law firm Gibson Dunn to aid with legal issues related to its alleged part in the FTX scheme. Bankman-Fried is facing 12 felony charges, including conspiracy, wire fraud, and money laundering. He remains under house arrest and is awaiting two criminal trials in October and March.

What Does a Casino Pit Boss Do?

A casino pit boss has become a bit of a layman’s term for anyone found in a suit or wearing something other than a dealer’s uniform behind the casino’s table games. Its earliest meaning in the 1940s and 1950s was someone who oversaw the myriad box men, floor supervisors, dealers, and often the ancillary people, like cocktail staff and security, involved in running a section of table games commonly referred to as a pit.

In this article, we take a look at the Casino Pit boss and outline exactly what the job involves.

What is a Casino Pit Boss?

Today a pit boss’s job has evolved and sometimes been replaced by technology. When they can still be found, the folks who still run entire pits or some numbers of pits are referred to as pit managers or floor managers. But just like the recessed floor areas or pits that often held table games in days past so that they could be easily viewed and attract the eye of curious gamblers, pit bosses are a dying breed.

While often confused by casual gamblers with the floor people or box men who run small sections of table games or even just one crap table, a proper pit manager job will entail overseeing at least a number of these subordinate supervisors, or in some cases many of them.

While the portrayal of pit bosses in older TV and movies as all-powerful princes of their own table game kingdoms may have had some tiny bit of truth in real life, today’s pit managers are much more bureaucrats than royalty, overseeing casino complementaries, issuance of credit and markers, dealer’s table assignments and breaks, and often handling guest service complaints and lapses.

Other casino supervisory staff

Floor supervisors are a step down the org chart but often also wear business attire instead of dealer uniforms and are thus conflated in the public eye with the pit managers. Other than a quick job description blurb on a name tag, telling them apart can take a lot of work.

But a floor person will generally be assigned to just four or possibly six games and should, in practice, always stay in that designated area. They will take your player’s card, ensure you are rated correctly on the computer, closely monitor the dealer, interact with them, and acknowledge them when they call out cash buy-ins and color-ups.

Craps box people, or even ladder men, are supervisors one more step down the org chart. They watch just one crew of dealers on one assigned table. In the case of a box person, they sit at a craps table and closely monitor the four assigned dealers and their payouts, wagers, and speed of their game. In the case of a ladder man, they do the same but with an assigned Big Baccarat or Chemin De fer game.

Technology is changing the Pit Boss role

cameras and detection
Image credit: The Verge

Over the last thirty years, many of the functions of a pit boss have become automated. The issuance of comps was once a gut feeling after checking over someone’s play for the day on manual rating cards. Today a computer will dissect that player’s profitability in a dozen different ways to let someone know if that play warrants a free buffet or a night in the hotel.

Issuing markers for players, a type of credit extended by the casino to higher net-worth gamblers, was once a time-consuming job that required phone calls and rustling through logs of payouts and payments. Today most of that is also handled by computers, and markers are typically approved by the floor people in a matter of seconds.

Example: Cameras and automatic detection

Pit bosses were often expected to have years or even decades of casino game protection experience, not only able to count cards but spot a cheat while also chatting up a cocktail waitress, using the mirrors often used as ceilings in the old Las Vegas pits.

These mirrors allowed well-positioned managers to watch dealers from behind or several table games away to ensure they weren’t flashing cards or capping bets. They also often were two-way mirrors with the very first surveillance agents behind them, looking down on the tables as well.

Cameras with 240x zoom and special sensors to detect ultraviolet daub have replaced all of those mirrored ceilings and many of those pit bosses. And now, with the ability to be tied into facial recognition software and AI that looks for cheating patterns and moves, the need for long years of experience and specialized knowledge of casino scams has fallen away.

Other Pit Boss responsibilities

Other Pit Boss responsibilities

Another crucial function of Pit Bosses that the casual gambler often overlooks is the intricate dance of placing the right dealer on the right table at the right time. If a dice game is blowing out (losing a lot of money quickly), it’s quite likely that the casino will send one or more new dealers to that game.

Contrary to popular belief, the casino isn’t looking to change the luck of the game with these new dealers; they want their fastest, most skilled dealers on that table to ensure that the games are dealt quickly and accurately, knowing that over time their house advantage will bring everything back in line.

And this goes on across the entire casino floor all the time. Dealers are moved, sorted, sent home early as games begin to close, or replaced by new dealers starting a new shift, and sometimes sent to high-action games to ensure that procedures, pace, and proper game protection occur.

Complicating this more is the fact that a casino might have ten or more different types of casino games, and only some dealers will deal every type, let alone deal each type as proficiently as the next. Great dice dealers are very seldom great baccarat dealers, and while everyone on the casino floor should deal blackjack, not all of them will deal it equally well or have the personality to deal with some high rollers.

Knowing what every one of a hundred dealers deal and whether they can be trusted in highly stressful situations to deal with it well is one of those things that neither computers nor even AI have yet to master.

But many casinos, in their rush to eradicate pit bosses, have turned to pencils. A pencil is just the title for someone who moves the dealers about the floor or sends them home as needed. They do a very special subset of the job that pit bosses used to do, but they do it more economically.

Pit Boss positions in the 21st century

Like many middle management positions, the job of pit boss has slowly been turned over to other departments, computers, underlings like floor supervisors, or folks that will do a piece of the job for less.

But in those casinos that still have them, today’s pit managers still play a vital role, almost like a project manager, in tying many different parts and skill sets into one problem-solving solution. They still need to possess a range of knowledge not only about table games but now also about computers, databases, customer service, surveillance solutions, and even human resources and labor law.

The title may have changed, and the needs of the jobs may be different; there are certainly a lot fewer of them, but people who can oversee a busy casino floor and its many-faceted wants and needs are like a ship’s captain. They will always be in demand.

Neil Diamond Tribute Concert 2023 Ute Mountain Casino Labor Day Weekend

We are thrilled to announce that the world-renowned Neil Diamond tribute artist, Jay White, is gracing the Ute Mountain Casino stage this Labor Day Weekend for TWO NIGHTS – September 1 & 2, 2023.

Jay White is not just an artist; he is a master of his craft – captivating audiences with his striking resemblance and uncanny vocal similarity to the legendary singer. His performances are nothing short of a spectacle, blending the charisma, raw talent, and energy that made Neil Diamond an icon.

Tickets are just $25 and go on sale on August 17th at utemountaincasino.com. Don’t miss out on this musical extravaganza!

The Festival Series 2022 set to begin in Tallinn in June

The Festival in Tallinn

Malta – January 25th, 2022: The Festival Series Season 2022 is now set to begin in Tallinn, Estonia from June 27th – July 3rd, 2022, instead of Bratislava in March. The same games, the same concept and the same level of excitement and fun is guaranteed, just with a slight delay.

The decision comes following careful monitoring of the COVID situation across Europe, which sadly is still recording high numbers. And communicated since the inauguration of the series, player safety has always been the highest priority. Therefore, a COVID contingency plan was put into place from the start to protect our attendees and ensure that everyone who wants to play at our events has the option to travel to the location safely.

Players who have won packages for The Festival in Bratislava can be assured that they will roll over to the Tallinn stop. There will be no unusable tickets and no player will get left behind. This way, players can feel safer and more confident about attending the event.

The Festival Season 2022 will now kick off in summertime in the Estonian capital Tallinn. Venue will be the Olympic Park Casino next to the city centre.

“We want our first event in 2022 to be sensational” says Martin “Franke” von Zweigbergk, who is leading the event organization, “and we believe we can achieve this if we launch the Series at this slightly later date in Tallinn. The pandemic situation in Europe should be significantly better by Summer. After our successful first event last year it feels like a small eternity having to wait until June this year. However, we promise it will be worth the wait.” 

Now the full focus is shifting onto The Festival in Tallinn – set to be the first event of The Festival Series Season 2022 from June 27th – July 3rd, 2022. Preparations are in full swing with maximum effort to make this another memorable event after the fantastic inaugural event in Bratislava last year. More stops for The Festival Series will be announced in due course. 

About Acroud AB: ACROUD owns, operates and develops high-quality comparison sites, mainly in iGaming affiliation, for the purpose of helping our partners by channelling high-quality users to the Company’s customers – primarily iGaming operators. Through the sites, ACROUD generates high-quality users, primarily to global iGaming operators. The Company, which was founded in 2003, has just over 50 employees and is headquartered in Malta.

Americans Order Mega Millions Tickets Through Jackpocket

Time is running out to buy Mega Millions tickets for the $1.1 billion jackpot. So many gamblers are rerouting themselves to iLotteries and apps like Jackpocket to pick their numbers for the Aug. 1 drawing.

Most lottery game ticket purchasers will still head to retail locations tonight before the Mega Millions drawing at 11 p.m.

However, it’s becoming more popular to use online resources like the lottery ticket courier’s site. That’s especially the case when a considerable jackpot captivates public interest.

For instance, Ohians’ ticket orders increased 168% over last month, Jackpocket CEO and Founder Peter Sullivan told Bonus today.

He detailed a few more month-over-month increases for Bonus today:

  • Arizona sales were up 128%
  • Texans ordered 121% more tickets
  • New Jersey saw purchases rise 88%
  • New Yorkers bought 82% more tickets

Sullivan told Bonus today:

We’ve seen historic jackpot levels for both Powerball and Mega Millions this year. We can anticipate that with some of the changes in drawing frequency and innovators in the space, like Jackpocket, impactful moments for the industry will continue to arise.

Lottery Ticket Couriers Don’t Replace Lotteries

The increases for the company founded in 2013 in New York are happening despite the Empire State instituting a new advertising policy for lottery ticket couriers.

In February, the New York State Gaming Commission (NYSGC) voted on new language for the companies. It means they can no longer tell lottery ticket purchasers that they can “play” the lottery on the apps. Commission members emphasized that sites like Jackpocket are intermediaries who still have to buy the lottery tickets.

However, only about a dozen jurisdictions offer iLotteries.

That’s why lottery ticket courier apps are flourishing. They offer online services when states don’t have them.

Jackpocket’s available in 17 jurisdictions. That oddly includes the District of Columbia, even though there’s a DC iLottery.

iLotteries Are Popular Where They’re Available

iLotteries gained traction during the pandemic shutdowns.

So the few states that offer online lottery tickets saw increases then.

For instance, iLottery sales in Michigan rose 88% during the year-over-year period ending in September 2020. So during the height of the pandemic, the Michigan Lottery experienced an 8% bump in sales. In total, lottery ticket sales reached $4.2 billion.

Meanwhile, Sullivan told Bonus today:

Jackpocket had its best month ever this July with monthly ticket orders 10% higher than the last record in November 2022 ([when there was a] $1.9 billion Powerball [jackpot]).

Jackpocket has now surpassed $1 Billion in ticket orders fulfilled to-date.

Jackpocket competitor Lotto.com didn’t return a request for comment from Bonus.